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The Happenings

Pearl Nestor, AK, USA
August 2010

I have told several stories here on this forum and have had many strange experiences that I wanted to elaborate on.

One time my mother was driving on a side street and I noticed two young girls walking along the side of the road. I mentioned that perhaps she should slow down. Both of them looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old. One was wearing a pink coat, and one was wearing a yellow one, they both had long hair, one blond, one a darker blond. When we passed them my mother said that there was no one there, I looked and it was as these girls just vanished. I saw them clear as day, my mother never saw them at all. I thought, oh well, it happened again, seeing people who aren't there, at least in this reality. But I would have sworn they were as solid as anybody. But then that's how I have always seen ghosts.

Another time in my 20's when I was pretty wild, and did some wild living, drinking, partying, etc. I was at a friend's house. He went on business trips a lot so I used to house sit for him and take care of his dog and plants.

One night after he came home we had a great party, and this was a good size house and we all had our own rooms to retire to. I know I was a bit tipsy and fell into bed and was just about ready to go to sleep when the bed started shaking so bad I thought I was going to fall out of it. Anchorage is always having some earth quake every other month. So I wasn't all that concerned. I just thought if it got any worse I would put on my shoes and get ready for the big one. So I stayed prone for the longest time waiting to see if it would get any worse, but It didn't so I fell asleep.

The next morning I commented to my friends what a great earthquake there was last night and how there should be something on the news about it. NO ONE EXPERICED WHAT I DID! Also no reports of earthquakes. After that, I had a bad feeling about the laundry room, which was directly underneath my room. When my friend Bill and I went down to bottom living room, next to the laundry room I had a feeling of something so hateful coming from that room that I couldn't shake. I did house sit for Bill a few times after that, but I could never bring myself to go downstairs by myself alone.

Something hated me there, don't have a clue what it was, but after that I never felt safe, or even when I was alone there, I knew I wasn't.

Pearl Nestor, AK, USA
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