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The Haunted Attic

June 2003

Well, I think I will start this off by telling you a bit about myself. I am mostly a normal teenager. I totally do not believe in ghosts or spirits. I am a very smart and practical person, receiving straight A awards in school my whole life. However, to this day I still cannot explain the events that happened at my aunt's house.

My aunt lives in a pretty big house that was built in the 1890's in Freeport, New York on Long Island. I live in Las Vegas, but since my father left my mom, I dont' have a dad, so I spend the summers at my grandparents' house. They live up the street from my aunt, so on a normal week I spend a few days at my aunt's house.

Well, from what I know is that my aunt's boyfriend's family lived there for the last fourty years, but nobody knows about the house before that. I would have to admit there are a few weird aspects of the house itself. One weird aspect is this odd crawl space in the basement. They have a full size basement, but when you go down the stairs, to the left there is a painted over openable window, revealing a small crawl space. I found that weird, since there already is a large basement.

Now to the weird stuff. It started when I spent the night one day at my aunt's house. I was sleeping on the floor in my cousin Alex's bedroom. It was a hot night and they didn't have an air conditioner, so the windows in his room were open. I woke up suddenly in the night and felt a bit cold. Alex was busy sleeping and I heard my aunt and her boyfriend watching television in their bedroom. The next thing I knew was the storm windows slammed shut really loud and almost broke the windows, but did crack them. I went under the blankets and fell back asleep scared.

A few weeks later I wanted to see what the attic looked like since I never been up there. Alex said he would show me, so he opened up the door to the attic and we walked up the stairs. When we got up there, I seen an absolutely weird sight. The insulation of the walls up there were torn out and it looked like blood or red paint were wiped across the walls with weird writings. There were only three rooms. You come into the first room, then you can go to the second room, then the third, but to get back to the first room, you have to go back through the second. It was like a semi circle. Well, the third room was a dark purple room. The windows were covered up and there was a lot of dust everywhere. Alex said he felt like going back downstairs again. It was very very hot in the attic, but all of a sudden I got a chill. Then I turned around and seen what looked like a man kind of faint or blurry looking at me. I screamed and rushed back through the second room, then the first, then I ran back down the stairs.

After we made it back down, Alex starting screaming and panicking himself. All of a sudden he broke out with rashes everywhere all over him. I rushed into the bathroom and tried to find something to help him. However, they didn't have anything. This was especially weird because of all the times Alex went up there, he never went into the third room and he never had an allergic break-out. he had hives and everything. When my aunt went up there to investigate, she did not that there was pencil all over the wall, but no red paint. Alex went up there with her and he didn't break out in hives that time. But we could have sworn we seen that red paint or blood!

Well, I know something is up there. Last Christmas, I went to New York to spend Christmas there. Ever since those windows slammed shut in Alex's room, I don't want to sleep in there. So when I spent Christmas Break at my aunt's house (My grandmother passed away a month back so it was too hard for me to stay at my grandfather's house) I stayed in my baby cousin's room (Robby). Robby is always telling me that he hears monsters and sees monsters in his room, but I never believe him since he is only three. However, when I stayed in his room, I woke up in the middle of the night to weird noises. It sounded like foot steps above the ceiling coming from the attic. I would always every once in a while hear these noises from the attic, but I have never again went up there.

But wait! It doesn't stop there either! On Christmas night, it was snowing, and since I live in Vegas, I dont' see snow that often. So I went outside and decided to run around in the snow. It wasn't that dark out since there are street lamps. Then I looked up at their attic. I realized that there was no windows up there! Yes no window! The windows in their attic are small little squares near the floor as the roof is at an angle so in order to get next to a window, you have to bend over. I ran in the house and told my aunt's boyfriend. Him, Alex, and I all went up to check it out. Sure enough, the little square windows were some how pulled out of their sockets, but there was no wind so it couldn't have been the wind. It just happened because there wasn't that much snow that was steadily coming in the window. As we were looking at the window trying to figure out what happened, the light bulb went out. Instantly we were plunged into darkness. I thought I heard a floor board creak from the third room, so I quickly ran down the stairs. My cousin Alex and I were terrified.

Well, do you believe in ghosts? Somehow I still do not want to believe in ghosts, but I do think I seen something not human in that third room that day and there WAS red paint or blood on the walls. All I know is that every once in a while I hear somebody walking up there, but I would never go back up there again.

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