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The Haunted Barn

Julie Hankins, OH, USA
December 2004

In Bath, Ohio, on West Bath Road, there is an old, white barn. Some people say it is haunted.

My sister and her friends had our curiosity peaked so one day, one of my friends and I went to the barn. We took a flashlight so we could peer into the windows. What we saw, still to this day, amazes me!.

I saw a woman sitting down, reading a book, she got up, but she did not come to the window. My friend, who has excellent hearing, said she was saying "Who are those people out there?" we looked into the second window, and saw a silhouette of a woman, her arms circled, I have no idea what she was doing, but I had a feeling it wasn't anything good. We returned at dusk, and we heard wailing sounds. My friend says she felt cold, like a ghost had touched her. Nevertheless, I would not recommend night visits to the barn, unless you have a big group of people.

If you are quiet enough, you can hear wailing sounds.

My theory on how these spirits perished is that the husband and wife's children died, and soon after the wife died, and the husband, who was so upset over his family's death, hung himself from the rafters of one of the barns.

One more note: if you go to the barn, on the side, there, on a wooden board, is an image of a stern man's face, watching over his property.

Julie Hankins, OH, USA
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