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The Haunted Dorm

Crystal, NY, USA
July 2003

This which I am about to tell you is not one ghost story but a collection of stories, surrounding my dorm in college.

When I went to college, I found this quaint, little college which was small enough for me to feel at home and everyone living there felt like family...but I'm not writing about that. This place was eerie. I have so many stories, I don't know where to begin.

Well I guess I can start with my friend, Kristen. Her and I lived together. This girl is a natural witch, she has proven this to me many times over. Since the moment she moved to Herkimer she always had a weird feeling about Herkimer in general but the Dorm felt eerie, as I said before. These are stories she told me herself.

One occurance happened when she was outside having a cigarette, she was standing all alone by the main entrance of the dorm when she saw what seemed to be a dark figure coming out of the bushes across the street coming towards her. When this figure passed a street light, it went completely out, ghosts have the ability to do that. Needless to say, she quickly went inside. She once saw orbs, you know balls of light outside her dorm room window, and the game room upstairs is very haunted from which I've been told. No one ever goes up to the game room alone, many times if you did, sometimes you would hear footsteps behind you as you walked the long stairway that lead to it, no one would be there.

You would get cold feelings in the room, feel like you were being watched, and so forth. This has happened many times to our residents, too many to describe. One, that I was told was an occurance that happened to my landlord himself.

Every night he would lock up the room for safety reasons, but recently he did so because kids living there weren't very respectable to the rules, so he had to lock it up.

One night he locked up as usual, and as he was passing the hallway next the stairs he heard pool balls being knocked around as if someone was playing a game. He swore to himself, thinking some kids had broken in, so he goes up the stairs, finds it weird that the room was still locked, opened the door. The lights were on, but no one was there, but strangely, the pool balls were positioned as if a game was in session.

Other ghostly experiences include footsteps in the dead of night to discover no one in the hall, which happened to my friend, Joe, and wet footprints ending in the weirdest places. You see, we have a fire drill door that opens only from the inside, one morning Jim discovered wet footprints coming from the door to the end of the little hallway and ending at the connection to the main hall. Weird.

Not very long ago, to explain for this next set, 4 people from my dorm were involved in a car accident. One died. His name was Sean. A plaque is now hung above the smoking room in his honor. Some residents believe he's still at our dorm.

My freind, Berman has heard his deceased friend call his name on more than one occasion and once had a visual occurance. Let me explain...

One night, Berman was crossing the kitchen, the kitchen was dark, eerie, and he saw what he could only describe as a grey misty thing that kinda looked like a human shape. This thing seemed to have attached itself to him that night and moved with him. Berman would move right, it would move right, Berman would move forward, it would move forward. Berman moved forward until it literally passed through him. Berman just got out of there as fast as he could. This spirit isn't bad though, we believe it protects us from the poltergeist there, the one that dwells mostly in the game room. That ghost is that of a man who was killed up there. The building used to be a sort of office and he was burned alive.

My sister, after 2 years, began college in the same area as me, and so she moved into the same dorm. After a while she told me some ghost stories of her own.

Apparently she has the ghost of a little girl who cries in the corner of her room. How does she know this? easy, her psychic friend who lived there before her. Apparently this little girl was left there, in that room to die, and she has never left.

You think, wow, that's a lot of stories, that's just one building. Frank, my landlord, has another building he leases out to students. We all call it the "Pink House," because it used to be pink. Two ghosts occupy this place. One is kinda playful, this one loves to flick lights on and off, play with the TV and slam doors and so forth when you're alone in the house. It's harmless really.

The other one is the one to be wary of. This one doesn't occupy the house. It occupies the attic. It's trapped there, by some magic...I don't know. We, the residents have good reason to believe it's some kind of demon. No one is allowed to open that door, that's Frank's strictest rule. I think he found a way to keep it there, but he never talks about it. Don't mess with the attic door, or you'll regret it.

Well, I believe that's all of them, hope you enjoyed my little tale of our haunted dorm.

Crystal, NY, USA
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