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The Haunted Manse

South Africa
June 1999

My brother-in-law recently moved into an old house which presumably was the old Methodist church's Manse in one of the Capitol Cities in South Africa. He stayed there with another friend. One evening they both heard a loud noise outside, as if someone was banging on the corrugated iron garage outside. Upon inspection they couldn't find anybody there. The whole property was enclosed and quite inaccessible from the outside. On other occasions my brother-in- law heard footsteps on the plank floor and felt a presence close to him.

His friend admitted that on two occasions, while he was working on his computer, he felt somebody standing behind him and, thinking it was F, started talking to him. When he didn't receive an answer he turned around, just to find that he was alone.

Another friend claims she can see an old woman happily working at a table in the kitchen, - a table, I might add, that is not in that kitchen at the moment, and apparently there is also a spirit of an unhappy young man.

All I have felt is an indescribable chill in that house that goes through your bones and I always feel ill at ease upon entering it.

South Africa
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