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The Haunted Queen Mary

Barbara "Boo" , AZ, USA
September 2005

This happened about two years ago. I was about 20 and I was accompanying my mother to a Ball aboard the Queen Mary in California. Naturally I had read tons of ghost stories and even taken the glorified ghost tour aboard the magnificent ship.

We arrived and poked around for a while before we were shown to our state room. We went on the tour and then began getting ready for the ball (which was thrown for someone big and important. My mother works for the Government). We arrived at the ball and danced the night away in the most beautiful ballroom I have ever imagined, but all I could think about was getting out to explore the ship. My mother and I both believe in the paranormal and are both very adventurous. Needless to say we ducked out early and got changed to go explore.

Now it was about one in the morning and all lower decks and places were locked up, but no fear we are adventurous so we ducked under a few chains and managed to pry open a large steel door that led to the lower decks of the ship. (The Queen Mary is an extremely large ship and only the upper decks have been renovated and opened to the public).

After getting the large steel door open we found ourselves on the lower levels of the ship where there were holes in the steel floors. It was extremely dark but there was a slight glow from the full moon coming in from the windows inside the rooms where some of the old broken doors lay open, enough to freak you right out, but we kept on. We went past the creepy open rooms and holes in the floors. (Don't try this I now realize how dangerous this was!) and we then came upon another door that led to another part of the ship that looked like it had been renovated years and years before, but not used anymore, so naturally we decided to explore it. It was so creepy, just my Mom and I, all alone on this huge, I get goose bumps thinking about it!.

We walked down that long hall that I remember so well, it was dimly lit by old gold lamps mounted to the wall, most of which did not work and it had deep, red carpet. The walls were lavished with gold, like it had been decorated in the 20's.

We came upon a sign that suggested we were on the way to the old Hospital ward or something of that sort. We walked along the hall and came upon a staircase that went both up and down, both holding hands very tightly and breathing a bit heavier we decided to go up the spiral staircase. As we went up the air felt "strange"; its the best way for me to put it. We got to the top of the stairs and found that we were stuck, in front of us lay a huge gate that was padlocked with multiple steel chains...(like the part in Titanic where they lock everyone down below, that kind of gate). It was a bit creepy....then I went to turn around and go back down the stairs when I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Then my arm hair stood up as well as I looked at my Mom and noticed that her hair was standing up on her head too (she has short hair); the look in her eyes were just as terrified and frozen as mine, it felt like there was almost an electricity in the air and it got harder to breathe, it was almost like lightning had struck or was about to. Right when I almost got enough courage to speak, I felt a poke or a zap on my lower back, and my mother was several steps below me and out of reach. With that my mom and I had never ran so fast in our lives.....and the scariest part of the story is when we got back to the main deck of the ship (running the whole way of course).

We looked at my back and I had a giant red mark right where I had felt the zap, talk about being freaked out we did not sleep a wink the rest of the night, instead we watched T.V. and kept every light on!!!!....I guess they were telling us to go back to where we belonged on the ship and don't go poking around for trouble!

If anyone else has had an experience upon the Queen Mary I would love to know as it is so interesting, I still have not found out where we were on the ship or what ghosts resided there!

Barbara "Boo" , AZ, USA
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