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The Haunted School Yard

July 2004

This story is one of the most scariest things that has ever happened to me.

A friend and I were walking home from the store. We decided to take the long way home as it was a beautiful night outside. Where we are living there is only a population of 1500 people so its very small and almost the whole city shuts down by 9PM and there are barely any street lights. It's a little scary walking at night since its so dark and it is haunted all throughout the city including were I work. A huge number of houses were built in the late 1800's early 1900's.

As we were approaching the elementary school we heard the strangest noise, I cant really even describe what type of sound it was. Some kind of screeching sound that didn't sound normal. As we were walking I heard a chain which sounded like a dog chain and sometimes sounded like someone playing with change in their pocket. I asked my friend if she heard it and wondering if there was a dog in the school yard. When we looked in the school yard by the school building there was a figure lying on the ground. It looked like a boy with a hat on lying lifeless on the ground. He did not move once. Then we heard the noise of that chain again coming from beside him. Then the boy vanished.

I was never so scared in all of my life. As we walked home I felt like there was someone following me the whole time, and I was always looking back to check. I know it doesn't sound that scary but just imagine walking in the dark, hearing strange noises and seeing a ghost who you thought was someone lying on the ground dead.

I will always think twice about walking down that street at night.

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