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The Haunted Stable

September 2003

In the early eighties my family, husband and youngest son (our oldest daughter was away at college and other son was in the military) moved into a rented house on a property that overlooked Long Island Sound.

The main house, a beautiful old Victorian, sat on the bluff above the beach with a stairway that wound down to the sands.

Our place was closer to the road with a common driveway. The owners of the property were NY City people who occasionally weekended at the big house. There was a winding drive, sheltered by huge pine trees that whispered in the land/sea breezes.
Our home was a beautiful country place with a fireplace and high, lofty, beamed ceiling.

From the very start there were always strange noises.....hollow sounding footsteps....moans....and the calling of a young man's voice.....the words were clear but we couldn't quite identify them...It was if he were calling a name, Seuse or something like that....searching for something. There were stormy nights when my husband was working late for the power company, when my son and I would sleep in the living room and listen to the wind through the pines, waves on the beach below and the anguished calls of the young man.

I found out later from someone who had long lived in this area that the house was formerly a polo pony stable for the wealthy residents of the main house.

We moved from there and several years later I was relating the story to a new friend and he told me that the word Seuse (spelling?) was the Jewish word for Horse! That just confirmed something I wish it hadn't!

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