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The Haunted Stove

Robert C., TX, USA
February 2002

We had only been married a few weeks and we were renting one of the older homes in town. We were both still a bit spooked by having seen one of the scariest movies of our time, "The Exorcist". Anyway we had a tea pot on our gas stove with a little water in it for tea making or hot chocolate it just sat there ready for use.

One night I had left the kitchen and went straight from there to our bedroom. My wife was already in bed and while we lay there together a distinct whistle of boiling water came from our teapot in the kitchen. I thought it strange because I was sure the burner on the stove was not on. So I got up and went to the kitchen and sure enough the burner was on, the knob was turned on to a medium flame so I turned it off. A bit confused and a bit uneasy I went back to bed. About five minutes or so passed and we heard the whistling of our teapot again. This time I knew the burner was off when I had left the kitchen, so naturally I knew something was up.

I went into the kitchen and checked the stove to see if there was any way it could come on by itself. I discovered that the only way to turn on the stove was to push in on the knob and turn there was no way it could happen any other way. I was scared and my wife was scared. We checked the locks on our doors and looked for trap doors and secret sliding panels but there were none.

We had to no choice but to believe we were living with some kind of spirit. We both went into the kitchen and I was scared. I talked out loud to the room I guess, what I said was "whoever you are, whatever you are, we are moving, just leave us alone"!.

We moved that weekend and never had any more strange happenings since.

Robert C., TX, USA
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