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The Haunted YHA-The Three Ghosts

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
October 2010

This story takes place in NZ in 2000. I was over there on holidays doing a fifteen day trek thru the forest. Anyway, the trip was finished and I was glad to see the back of the some of the hikers I had to put up with. I ended up in a small town on the west coast of NZ and booked myself in a YHA. The YHA was an old horse stable but located on a seedy street.

The day was warmish as I entered the grounds of the Hostel when I saw a young man standing on the steps. He was dressed rather strangely, I remember, with a collarless shirt, round glasses and his pants were held up by braces. I said g'day to him but he ignored me. 'Rude bugger,' I thought and went inside.

There was no one about so I left my backpack behind the counter and in search for someone. The hostel was a three story building, I should've added at the beginning so I went to the first floor. No one.

Second floor and saw a woman wearing a grey dress entering one of the rooms. BINGO! I thought, there's someone. I strolled over to where I thought the person entered and knocked on the door. No answer. I repeated it and still no answer. Maybe it was the wrong room so I went around knocking on all the flamin' doors but no answer. I finally met someone and booked myself in for two nights and forgot about the woman in the grey dress.

It was the second night before I left I finally found the TV room. It was located in a cold room, which you had to climb down some steps to get to. There sitting in a chair was a young woman dressed in a flannel shirt and flared pants. She had black hair and looked pretty.

I sat down and smiled before watching TV. Nothing was on so I turned to say something to her when, to my surprise, she was gone. I would've heard her leave as the chair creaked but there was no sign of her anywhere. The hairs on my arms rose as I hurried out of that room. The next day I was leaving when I happened to mention the young bloke.

The girl over the counter looked at me and frowned. There was no one with that description staying there, she told me. Oh, I replied...oh, and your co-worker, the one wearing the grey dress, is she around?

Again the girl stared at me and asked me to follow her into the office. I told her about the woman and about the strange girl. The young woman sighed and told me that what I saw what a ghost of a maid that used to work here back in the 1900s and she's always been seen.

The young woman sitting the chair she was a drug addict who overdosed in that chair and her ghost is also been spotted...the young man outside, could have been the stable hand who was murdered on the front steps in 1920...spooky eh? I've a few more to tell but some other day...ta!

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
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