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The Haunting

Brian Butcher GA, USA
October 2001

I grew up in a house in Roswell, Ga. Through the years many strange things happened in our house. Balls rolling on the pool table by themselves at night, windows open in the morning that were not the night before, footsteps and groans from the ac vents in the house. But there were 2 incidents that stand out from them all.

One cold winter night, myself and my 2 brothers and sister were asleep in our rooms on the 3rd floor of our house. My Mom and Dad had been in the basement watching TV, and my Mom went up to get ready for bed. She was about to go back down to the basement to get my Dad when she heard footsteps coming up the steps from the basement. Thinking it was my Dad coming to bed, she listened as the lid for the stereo was lifted and the stereo cut on. Also, the back porch door opened and did not close. Wondering what the heck my Dad was doing, she went downstairs to see. When she hit the bottom of the stairs, the stereo cut off, the lid slammed, and the back porch door slammed. My Mom went down to the basement, and my Dad was sound asleep. She woke him up, and they went through the house with a shotgun, finding nothing. They finally calmed down and got in bed, only to hear the dishwasher downstairs in the kitchen close, latch itself, and start by itself!

Several days later my Dad was out of town on business, and us kids were at school. My Mom decided to take a bath, so she locked the door from the hall to the bathroom, and the door from the lavatory area to the bathtub area. As she relaxed in the tub, she heard the first door unlock, then the door she was looking at unlocked! She got up, locked both doors again, only to have the exact same thing happen! She threw on her housecoat, and fled the house in fear. After she left in the car, our next door neighbor told us later that the automatic garage door went up and down several times by itself after she left! this is a true story!! My parents divorced a few years later, and we sold the house. I wonder if the new owners have had similar experiences??

Brian Butcher GA, USA
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