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The Haunting of Winterton House

Oregon, USA
April 1998

He said his name was Casey, my younger brother was 2 years old at the time. But all the happened up until we moved out in June of 1997. Casey is a ghost. When my brother would sit upstairs by himself in his room we would hear him talking to someone as if someone were there but the only other person who'd be there was my parents and siblings downstairs. My brother said Casey was his friend. One time when I was baby sitting Dustin (my brother) he was at the bottom of the stairs and he called up the stairs and said "Casey, throw my ball down here". His orange ball came tumbling down the stairs. Nobody was upstairs. My other brother and 2 other people were outside one night and they looked up at the upstairs window of the barn and they saw a green very tall glowing figure staring at them and when they looked up at him the figure ran off. My family and anyone who stayed at our house would here a faint baby crying. But when we'd go to see if it was my sister she was sound asleep. At other times my mom would see a figure of a little boy about the age of 2 or 3 laying on the toddler bed in my moms room or laying on the back of the couch. Sometimes we would here footsteps coming up the stairs, or doors closing for no reason at all. One time someone heard footsteps coming up the stairs and then heard them come around the bed and stop right next to them, but they could never see the thing making the foot steps.

Oregon, USA
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