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The Headless Ghosts

January 2003

The first day I moved into my new house I knew something was strange. When I went into my room to unpack my belongings, I was feeling very scared for no reason at all, I never thought much of it at first but it kept getting stronger so I ran out of my room.

I stayed out of my room and stayed out for a couple weeks until my parents made me switch rooms with my brother. A couple days later my brother ran out of the room in the middle of the night screaming and when my mum asked what happened he had said that four headless people were standing around his bed and he was hearing voices telling him to get out of their house.

I thought he had too much sugar or was on drugs of some sort but then I realized the next day that he was not.

I was in the bathroom and I opened the door and I saw a head of a boy about the same age as me on the floor looking at me with very wide eyes, I was very frightened and ran outside and stayed there for four hours until my parents came home.

Everyday my brother would sleep in my room and wake me up in the middle of the night and would tell me that a person was walking in down the hall and into my old room. He would tell me this everyday and I would never believe him.

About a week later I could not sleep, it was about two o'clock in the morning and I saw a person walk up the stairs, down the hall and into my old room. I was very freaked out and woke up my brother. Together we grabbed a flash light and walked into the room. We stayed at the door because we were too scared to go any deeper and then it became tremendously cold. My brother and I stood there for about twenty seconds and both of us at the same time got pushed back very hard into the hall and the door slammed shut by itself and the temperature went back to normal.

The next day we told our parents and of course, they said that we had too much of a imagination but after we left I overheard them arguing about telling us about something, I could not hear them very well but it was something about a murder suicide. After I heard that I ran off.

While my brother and I were watching television, my mum came and told us that they had also seen headless people and a man walking down the hall. We sat down and talked for a while and I found out that my brother, mum and dad had many more experiences that I knew about.

My brother and mum both said they had heard someone telling them to get out of their house on many occasions. We were talking for about thirty minutes and a pot flew off the table and missed my dads head by an inch. We went to a restraunt after that and my mum told us that just before we moved in, a man came into the previous owners house with a butcher knife and beheaded the two kids and the parents and then slit his own throat.

My mum never told us about it because she did not want to scare us. I understood everything after that except the man walking down the hall.

We moved out after that conversation and my brother still gets goose bumps talking about the headless ghosts.

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