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The Headless Woman of Berwind

Larry Barton Cooper, West Virginia, USA
October 2002

This happened about four or five years ago when I was seventeen.

My Dad used to go out at night to visit his friends in a small country town about 10 miles from where I used to live. I used to ask him to go, and he always said no, but one night he let me.

It was about 2am, and I got a little sleepy, so I told my dad that I was gonna go out in our van and sleep for a while. I went out there and rolled the windows down, and turned on the radio.

I was out there for about 30 minutes when I saw a woman walk around a sharp curve in front of me. The curve and the woman were about 600ft from the van. At first I thought it was somebody walking. Then I heard what sounded like her calling out "Sparky!" She kept calling this over and over, all the while walking closer to the van. I then began to think that maybe she was looking for a lost dog. She walked closer to the van, and to my horror I saw that she had no head! My heart began to pump wildly as I pulled out my pocket knife. The headless woman was still calling and walking toward the van. I held my breath as she got about 50 feet away. She then turned in a circle and walked back the way she came. After a while she disappeared back around the curve in the road.

Larry Barton Cooper, West Virginia, USA
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