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The Healing

October 2003

The story I am about to tell didn't actually happen to me, it happened to my mother. It happened about five years ago and still amazes our family to this day.

My mother, younger sister and myself were living in a small flat just outside of town at the time. The flat was in a complex were most occupying residents were very old or ill.

We seemed a bit out of place, but it was cheap accommodation for the three of us as my mother wasn't making much money and was doing her best to make ends meet. We didn't have a car, hardly any money, or any other family for support. Times were tough and both my sister and I could feel my mothers anguish.

One night in particular my mother was at her wits end, although she tried her best to hide it from us. She was exhausted from working long hours, worried about leaving her children in the care of others for too long, and wondered if we would ever get out of this poverty.

A long time before this night my mother had had a tarot card reading (a little 'herbal' I know) in which she was informed of a guardian angel she had watching over her. She was told this angel was the spirit of her deceased grandmother 'Ruby'.

Mum had completely forgotten about this reading until that night. For reasons she cannot explain, my mother closed her eyes, concentrated really hard and pictured her 'Ruby' in her mind. If this was really her guardian angel, then mum needed her more than ever at this moment.

As she pictured 'Ruby' in her head she began to whisper, as if talking to her grandmother as though she were alive. "Please help me" she pleaded. "Give me the strength to keep going". She asked for such guidence until she fell asleep.

At about 2:00 in the morning my mother was woken up by what felt like a hand pressed firmly on her leg. Not entirely awake yet and not sure who it was, she didn't move. But as she began to feel more hands, one by one slowly and gently press against her body, laying under the quilt she woke up pretty quickly. Knowing that this wasn't my sister or myself, she froze in fright.

After a small while, but a time that would have felt like ages, she gained the courage to switch on her bedside lamp. As light abruptly filled the room and her eyes adjusted, she saw what she could not believe. As though the invisible man himself was touching her she could see imprints of the hands that were touching her pressed into the quilt as it would if you or I were to do it, only there was no one else in the room but her. Frozen again and scared even more, my mother threw herself under the quilt, her head covered, her body curled as though she were a little kid scared of the dark.

Still feeling the hands, with the lamp still on, my mother awoke three times that night by the strange spirits around her.

In the morning my mother awoke, not tired from a restless night, nor frightened by her experience, but full of energy, life and strength. In fact she couldn't remember a day when she had felt better. She went to work that day ready to face anything life threw at her. And from that day on she knew we would be fine.

Things really started to pick up for us from there. Mum got a new job, we moved into a house in a new suburb, etc. I can't explain what happened to my mother, but to this day she swears it was 'Ruby' helping her, and healing her.

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