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The Heavy Footed Ghost

Kevin Emmett, Christchurch, NZ
November 2001

Hi there, My wife and I owned a house in Christchurch New Zealand in the late 80's. Not long after moving in we heard our son talking to someone in his room, we both peered through the crack in the door and saw that he was playfully laughing with someone unseen. When we entered the room my wife asked "who were you talking to Jordan"?, he replied "that man there". I asked "where?" and he said he just walked past mummy and out to the kitchen. We were amused but not too worried.

A few weeks later I was sound asleep in bed at 3.15am when I heard a banging sound. When I turned to my left, I saw my sons toy moving about. I thought there was a rat or something but when I lifted it there was nothing under it. At that moment someone walked heavily down the hallway. I yelled "get back to bed Jordan"!! and leapt up, but when I went to his room he was all tucked in and sound asleep.

The stomping continued for a long time. Maybe a year or so passed when a friend of mine and I were sitting in the lounge he said "oh my god look at that"! and I turned to see a face appear on the TV static.

I have learned that a young guy died in our sons room in '86 of a drug overdose, his sister knows of his ramblings around our house and told us to tell him to leave via the tunnel of light, but it didn't work and we have since moved (the house was 84 years old at that time).

Kevin Emmett, Christchurch, NZ
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