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The Hidden House

Samantha, CO, USA
January 2010

In 8th grade a couple of friends told me about a "haunted" house on the outskirts of town. I was very interested in going there since I'd always wanted to see a ghost.

They said that a man had come home from a bad day to find his wife with another man. In a fit of rage he killed his wife and two small boys and put their bodies in the large fire place. He then killed himself. It's been said that the police found the wife and kids...but that the man had never been found.

A couple weeks after hearing the story we had a slumber party, my friend's parents agreed to drive us out there (they were big ghost buffs too). The house was kind of hard to find since you had to take a couple of old dirt roads to find the driveway (which was like two miles long), but we finally made it.

Upon seeing the house my friends got scared and decided to stay in the car, so the parents and I walked up to the front window. It turned out to be the living room with the fireplace. It was dark inside and we couldn't see anything, the mom turned on her flashlight and shone it through the window. Hunched in front of the fireplace was a shadowy figure, when the light hit it, it looked towards us. I started running for the car but the parents stayed where they were.

After a couple seconds they started running too, I jumped in the car and locked my door. The parents did the same when they reached the car. They started the car and started driving away. My friends and I watched out the back and for quite a while it looked like the hunched thing was running after us. I heard something hit the back of the car as we finally pulled out of the driveway. When we got back to my friend's house we looked at the back of the car to see if we could find out what hit it. All there was was a small dent and what might have been a smear of blood. I never went back to the house, neither did the others as far as I know. If I ever get a camera I might go back...

Samantha, CO, USA
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