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The Hiding Ghost

Lauren, IL, USA
November 2005

This story is true...I would not make something like this up. This is also over a period of months. So here it goes:

My family and I sit on the couch watch TV or talk or whatever. Our house or around our house is usually quiet. So anyway we are sitting there watching TV. Jazzy, my dog, is a very calm dog, she doesn't bark much. Out of nowhere she starts barking. So I got up to see if anyone was at the door. No one there. No cars, no people. So I scolded her for barking. After I sat back down my mom went into the kitchen to get a drink. Then she said, "Lauren, are you cooking something in the teapot?" I said no. Then I went in with her and the burner was on... that's when we all started talking about Bob the ghost.The burners come on at least once a month now.

Also things, I mean HEAVY things, get moved around my house.

My sisters fan was sitting by her closet. Then she came to sit at the computer. After about 5 minutes she went in her room and asked me if I had gone in and moved her fan and turned on her light. I said no. Her fan was by her door and of course like I said her light was on.

A couple more before I get to the recent story.

The windows are VERY old so you have to push them up to get them open. So in the morning when we woke up the window was completely open. But it is 3 to 5 feet off the ground, so no one could of opened it. And last before the most recent. We were all sitting on the couch. Just then we here a loud noise. We go to the kitchen where the noise came from. Pots, pans, dishes were all over the ground!

Most recent!

My friend Sam and I were sitting at the computer playing on Just then Jazzy starts barking. I glanced at the door not worrying about it because I wanted to get back to my game. Just then I see a black figure walk by, very close to the door. I kept my eyes glued to the door. Jazzy, with her ears perked up and being our guard dog, kept staring at the door. Sam was really creeped out. No one was home but Jazzy, Sam, and I. All of a sudden, my sisters door opens (she always keeps it shut and locked), I went to go close it, but when I got to her door it slammed shut. I ran back over to Sam. We sat at the computer, fixing our eyes on the door. Then Sam had to go. So I walked her over to the door. She told me to open the door first. So I pulled on the door. Nothing happened. So Sam looked out the curtains to see if anyone was out there holding the door. No one. Just then the door opened. Sam ran out with her scooter and went home. I went back over to my computer and sat down still eyeing Jazzy, who was still looking at the door, and also eyeing the door and Mandee's door. Nothing happened after she left.

Thanks for taking time to read my story!

Lauren, IL, USA
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