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The Hiding Shadow

Texas, USA
May 1998

In high school my friends and I would always get together on the bus after the football games and tell ghost stories on our way home. Well, my friend Pat who by the way is a scaredy cat has always had something scary happen to her, and of course she was always the one with a story. Two that I remember are the following...........

Once when Pat was about 8 or so, she and the neighborhood kids were playing hide and seek very late at night, almost midnight. She hid next to the wall of an apartment and in front of her about 30 yards or so was a street light and she says she remembers a shadow of a man with like a long cape or trench coat come out of some nearby bushes and hide behind the street light. She waited, and waited, and waited and "he" never came out again...she ran out and told everyone about what she had seen and they all stopped playing and went home.

When we were little we were always scared by the idea that Satan always came out at midnight. When we were in high school I remember Pat told me that her cousins had come from Austin to visit her family. One night she and her 3 or 4 little cousins all slept in the living room. Pat slept on the couch and she was either awakened or she still wasn't asleep when she heard someone whisper her name, not "Pat", but "Patie", which is what her family always calls her. She thought it was her cousins so she called out their name but they were asleep, when she realized that the voice was coming from behind the couch!! I asked how she handled it and she said she just shut her eyes tight and tried not to open them and covered herself until she fell asleep.

Texas, USA
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