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The Hill (2)

May 2007

This is about the neighborhood in which I live now. I have live lived in my house since 1989 but my aunts have lived there since like the late 70s early 80s after having grown up there since the 50s.

Anyway, the neighborhood we live in is a subdivision that was built where woods and pastures were when they were growing up. In my oldest aunt's house the strangest things would happen. Her basement, which has like 4 windows plus the garage door, was always super scary to me. I dreaded being down there, even in broad daylight. Even since she remodeled it to make a partial den, I still get the creeps going down there. She used to talk about getting a feeling that someone was watching her when she'd read the paper.

One night, my mom was there playing cards with a couple of other people and they heard boot steps on the stairs. They'd go to look but no one was there. After awhile, my aunt's cat came up the steps and crowed like a rooster. Keep in mind that there are no farms close enough to neither my aunt's house nor are there any free range or 'wild' roosters roaming around. It was from my aunt's cat! Also, when they were in the process of working on the den and creating a side wall along the driveway, my aunt's youngest son was leaving through the basement and she hollered at him to move the bricks outside so that they would be there when his dad started on the wall. A few minutes later, she heard an "Oomph!" and ran downstairs thinking that he had hurt himself. The bricks were moved a little bit but my cousin was nowhere in site. She later asked him about it, and he said that he never heard her and never touched the bricks.

Another aunt, the second in a group of 5 sisters, lives about 6 houses up and around a corner from the older sister. Anyway, one day she was cooking or cleaning alone in her kitchen and had the doors open since it was a nice day. One of her husband's friends came up to see him and my aunt told him that he was not there. Well, the guy calls later that day and asks my uncle why he didn't talk to him earlier and my uncle said that he wasn't home. My uncle's friend claims that there was a man behind my aunt when he knocked on the door. He stated that the man was wearing a bathrobe -- my uncle has never worn a bathrobe.

Other stories have surfaced from others in the neighborhood with unexplained noises and voices.

My house---- When we moved in, I would hear noises and sometimes my name being called when I was home alone. During the first couple of months of living there, my alarm went off for school. When I looked at the alarm clock across the room, I saw a man with dark hair, a red plaid shirt, jeans and a grin looking at me. That scared the absolute fire out of me! I threw my blanket at it and he disappeared.

Later that school year, I awoke in the middle of the night to what I perceived as my brother sitting cross-legged on my floor with his head down. I asked him what he was doing in my room and he slowly raised his head. It was not my brother but a demon of some sorts. I will never forget the look on that things face ? I still see it to this day after almost 16 years!

One night, I was lying in bed, no TV or music going, just trying to relax. All of a sudden, I felt a hand caress my leg from knee to thigh. I just pulled the blankets over my head and prayed. I believe that there are at least two spirits in my house, a good one and an evil one.

My mom has also had her share of encounters. During our first year there, near midnight, she heard someone knocking. She went to the door and no one was there. Now there is absolutely no way that anyone could sneak around without us seeing them (it's because of the way the houses are laid out in the neighborhood). One night after a snow, we even heard someone walking around in the snow while we were outside. There was no one else there and there were no tracks, animal or human, in the snow.

My brother had his share of run ins too.

One day while our parents were on vacation, I was at work, and he was playing a video game downstairs in the den. He said that he heard someone come in the front door and walk around upstairs. He came upstairs thinking I was home and wanted to see if I wanted to eat out. Did he get a shock when he noticed that the front door was still locked but no one was there. He said that he checked all the closets and rooms but no one was there. There was no way that anyone could have gotten in without a key and only the 4 who lived there had a key. Of course being the brave brother that he is, he left the house and told me at 10:30 that night why he wasn't there.

I have seen the evil entity once outside but I have felt his presence downstairs. The "good" spirit, I have him in a picture in the living room, looking exactly as I remember him from my room, always with a smile. My room is directly above the laundry room and when you are down there doing laundry, you can hear someone walking around. When you step into the den, you do not hear the walking around. My room is the coolest room upstairs and the most calming to me. The evil one presented itself outside while I was in the backyard talking to my neighbor. We are the same age and enjoyed the night skies. Anyway, it was midnight or a little later and I was getting ready to go inside. I was a little scared since I was the only one there and I'm sensitive to what's going on around me. Anyway, I had turned from the fence to head to my house when I saw it rush from between our houses towards the front door. It was as tall as the house and appeared to be hooded. I let the most blood-curdling scream ever. I think I even beat the B-list actresses in those horror flicks. Anyway, my neighbor almost peed himself because I screamed. I made him come down and check the house with me. I absolutely refused to go downstairs and look. After we made sure that no one was there, he admitted that he saw something out of the corner of his eye but didn't pay it any attention. I slept with all the lights on.

To this day, I cannot stand to be in the den by myself or sleep with my door open. It's almost as if I keep my door shut, that I can keep the evil out.

Sorry about the rambling of my story, but I wanted to make sure that I got everything in.

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