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The Hitch Hiker

Mark Logan, Vic, Australia
March 2001

Personal Diary Extract...February 1992 :
I was driving from Castlemaine to Bendigo when out of no where I saw a hitch hiker. I was at Big Hill near Bendigo when I saw him. Contrary to my beliefs, I picked him up as he looked harmless enough and I needed someone to talk too.

This man was in his late thirties and looked quite gentle, so we introduced ourselves and I had this odd feeling that I could tell him anything about myself, as if we had known each other for a long time.

As I drove he listened to what I had to say, he kept praising me and saying, "Everything will be O.K. if you just have faith", the same words I heard when I was living alone in Castlemaine.

He then asked me, "Is this was the highway to Seymour?" I said, "No, but I will take you to the right one", even though it is out of my way. We talked about some events in my life and what I wanted most in life, which was to be a guardian angel, I hadn't told anyone this secret until then, he looked at me, smiled and said, "maybe your not ready yet, you still have work down here to do, there is lots of people here that need your help," he then said, "God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he", and then we talked some more.

I eventually dropped him off near a sign on a highway that would get him to Seymour, his last words to me were, "things will work out you'll see, God Bless," and he got out.

I drove away with such a smile on my face, I looked in my mirror to have one last look at him but he was gone, I slowed down and turned my head but I still couldn't see him, no cars drove past me, he just vanished the same way he had appeared to me at Big Hill, out of no where. I will always believe that I was speaking to my guardian angel on that day.

Mark Logan, Vic, Australia
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