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The Hive

Billie , PA, USA
October 2000

It was December of last year when I got an offer to babysit at this old, historic home. Everyone told me that the place was haunted and that I should definitely reconsider my choice, but this made me even more interested. I was a little uneasy so I brought my friend Michelle with me.

That brisk December night will remain in my nightmares forever.

It was snowing a little as my friend and I pulled up to the old, scary mansion. It was known as "The Hive" and built in 1702. The closer we got, the more excited we were about experiencing this place hands on. As soon as I walked through the door I had this very cold feeling. I ignored it, considering it was winter and kept walking. The parents left and the house was ours. We put on a movie for the girls and went around the house to investigate. It was decorated with all antique furniture making it's appearance seem even older. I went down this long hallway and saw something dart from one room to the room right across. This scared me, so I went downstairs and turned all the lights off upstairs.

We began a game of monopoly with the girls in their renovated basement. It was my turn when all of a sudden, there was a loud crash and a piercing scream. Michelle and I ran upstairs to find every light on the first floor on (which we turned off.) To our dismay, the front door opened, and quickly shut right in front of us. Michelle went to get the girls while I stayed. The Christmas lights were flickering rapidly, the water from the sink was pouring out, and the four little girls, including me and Michelle were sobbing with fright. They were too afraid to move but we kept persisting that they get in my car so we could leave. We finally convinced them it was safe to move, but my car keys were nowhere in sight. I left them on the kitchen table, but they were not there. Michelle spotted them on the top of the Christmas tree, which I still have no idea how they got there. I got on a chair to get them but kept getting shocked by the tree, not small, but painful shocks. Michelle threw something at them knocking the keys off the tree. We ran outside and got in my car. I noticed the upstairs lights were all on. I noticed that in the room where I thought I saw the figure run into, there looked like a shadow looking out the window watching us leave. I couldn't see a face, just the shape of a person. We all went back to my house, called the parents cell phone, and they picked up the girls at my house.

The one little girl has had severe night fear after that night. She thinks she sees "bad" people and hasn't slept a full night ever since. Nothing that bad ever happened to them before they said, but to this day, I still don't understand why it had to happen when I was there.

Billie , PA, USA
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