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The Hooded Woman

Kevin, NSW, Australia
October 2002

Many years ago I was living in Sydney, pretty close to Newtown. Excuse my pun but I used to love "haunting" the local boneyard.

One evening I talked a mate into going down to the Rockwood Cemetery just for the hell of it. After a couple, and I do mean a couple as in two, beers before heading over to the Boneyard. It's a creepy sort of place, even during the day. Headstones peeping up from the grass, snakes wiggles across the ground, broken headstones dating back to the early 1800s. Anyway, I'm not too sure which part of Rockwood we were in but it was strange. We wandered through, shining the pencil torch on headstones when my mate suddenly stopped. "What's wrong with you?" I said arching my eyebrows. He pointed ahead and there was a woman standing a few feet from us. She had a robe with a hood over her head. Now, this was no ordinary woman. She glided past us. I looked down and noticed she had no feet. I was about to comment on it to my mate but he was gone, running, jumping, tripping over headstones. I found him at the gate, climbing over was open...I finally calmed him down and he told me that the woman had no eyes.

I never went back to Rockwood, only during the day, but I can never find the spot where we saw the hooded woman.

Thanks for your time.

Kevin, NSW, Australia
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