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The Hospital Spirits

October 2001

I must begin with a short summary of my background in order for you to understand my experiences with the unknown.

My Grandfather was born in 1920 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He was full blooded Cherokee Creek Indian. He held the titles of a medicine man and an Indian warrior. He served in the army and became a Sergeant in World War II. I was told very little of his time in the service. I know he was a Machine gunner and attended Oxford when he was not in active duty. I remember asking what the war was like. However he never wanted to talk about the subject. I can only imagine the countless German soldiers he had to kill.

My Brother and I spent countless nights at my Grandfather's house. (1313 north Tucker ave.) There was one particular wintry evening in 1981 I continue to recall. I spent the evening sitting in front of a fire eating popcorn with my Grandpa. I watched him stuff a large piece of chewing tobacco in his mouth before he spoke. He said "Be quiet, do not speak until I have finished." He cupped my chin and said "Look me in the eyes because I want you to remember what I am about to say, Forever." I remember becoming quite afraid because I had never observed my Grandpa acting in such a serious manner. He exclaimed "You have been blessed with a rare gift, but some believe this same gift is a curse." I said I don't understand. He said out of all my grandchildren you have been the one chosen to have the same gift as I." "Throughout your life the spirit world will choose to make contact through you." "You will see and hear what others around you will not." "There will be days when you will be very afraid". "Always remember there will also be days when you will witness pure beauty". I said "What shall I do when ghosts talk to me?" "You must listen and ask the spirit it's desires"."Our guardian angel's will also guide your decisions".

Eight days later he passed away.

I was ten years old. I was born in the state of New Mexico and have lived in the area my entire life. I became a Police Officer in 1993. I must admit after my Grandfather passed away I did indeed experience encounters with the unknown. In fact I could write a book on the subject. However I will write about the experiences I had in the year 2000.

I was assigned to hospital detail on Graveyard shift. On the first day I reported for duty I went into a closet sized restroom by the security office. Upon entering the restroom I felt very cold! I also felt the need to flee as soon as possible. When I opened the door to leave I felt invisible hands touch my back and push me out the door with such a force that the door slammed so hard it made my ears pop. I observed employees from other departments come out of their offices to find where the noise was coming from. I requested a maintenance man check the door for problems. He found none. A co-worker advised that a women shot herself in the head three years ago in that very restroom. She even left gift wrapped presents for her family outside the restroom. I believe her spirit is trapped in the door. When she died her body was propped up against the door blocking others from entering.

The Hospital has five floors including the basement. I also assisted the on call Medical Investigator to transport the dead from different floors. The dead is always wheeled through the basement and into the O.M.I.'s vehicle.

The Hospital was built in the early fifties. One can only imagine the countless dead that have been wheeled through the basement.

During my routine foot patrols throughout the building floors I always felt as if someone was following me. The only way I can describe the presence is it was an enormous black tidal wave constantly hovering over my head. I felt it would engulf me at any second! It was like Dracula's black cape, waiting to sallow me whole. I was also told of a nun that would visit the patient's in the sixties and seventies before she died in 1979. While patrolling the basement I saw a shadow cross at the corner of my eyes. I then heard a female humming. I dismissed the humming to a late worker. I continued my duties when I felt a light tap on my left shoulder, causing me to whirl completely around. I wish to God I had not! I discovered the nun standing before me. A second later she began to float backwards. She suddenly stopped and said "You are a soldier of the earth, God will take pity on you're soul, I will pray for you". In a blink of an eye she was gone. To this day I cannot remember her face.

On the last night of my duty I was dispatched to room #311 in reference to a diseased white elderly male. I arrived with O.M.I. The male was 6'4 and had a thick head of silver hair. I recall he was too tall to fit on the bed. I helped O.M.I. wheel Mr. John Doe through the basement and to his vehicle. He was just another of the countless bodies I had seen throughout my profession.

One evening later I returned home early from work and my son advised of a horrible incident that just occurred. He stated in the early evening he was in the computer room and heard scratching on the window. He said he thought it was our dog so he opened the shade and looked out the window. To his horror he observed an elderly tall white male with silver hair sitting on one of our patio chairs looking right at him! I asked if he had any expression on his face. He said "no". He said he felt like he was looking right through him. My son said he closed the shades and quickly left the room. I believe the ghost followed me home.

The next day I called my Father and told him what had occured. He came to the house to perform a cure. That involves burning cedar to appease the spirits. he spit tobacco at every corner outside the house along with whisky. The last step is to hide the bottle of whisky. The tobacco and whisky appease the spirits so they do not bother the living. I continue to hear knocking at my windows but I take great comfort because the spirits have not entered my home.

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