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The House His Grandpa Built

Minnesota, USA
May 2001

I am writing this story for my boyfriend Dan. It takes place at his parent’s house. Dan has a sister, a brother, his mom and dad. I lived there for a while until Dan and I got our own place. The house was built in the 1950s by his grandpa.

There have been a lot of incidents that have happened there. There is the opening and closing of doors (mostly the door to the basement), lights turn on and off, and you can hear noises from time to time. A lot of times when you are doing Laundry in the basement you can hear whistling of a song. (Never been able to tell what song it is.)

The first unexplained incident was when Dan’s brother was three. (Now being the oldest it was back in 78’) Dan’s dad was driving trucks at the time and he would be gone for days at a time. Dan’s mom stayed home with the baby. She was sleeping and woke up to him talking to someone and asked "whom are you talking to?" And then he turns to his mom and says " mommy you made the nice lady go away". She looked up to find nothing there.

Dan had his room in the basement and his mom would always call to wake him up. (She would have to call a few time to get a answer.) So she starts to call "Dan.... Dan... "and then she heard a girls voice go "Dan...". Thinking he had a girl in his room she ran downstairs and looked everywhere, to find no one but Dan sleeping.

When Dan and his sister were home alone the house started to make a lot of noise. Almost like someone broke in to it. Slamming and banging all throughout the house. They grab the phone and ran downstairs and hid, called their mom and then ran outside until someone came home.

No one broken in, everything was how it was left.

Dan heard a noise and got up to see what it was and went into the bathroom and on the shelf behind him something just fell off of it. The knick-knack couldn't just fall. It seems to go away and come back.

From what I know no one has died in the house. Dan’s grandpa built the house and lived in it. The family has pretty much only lived in the house except for a few years before Dan’s dad brought it back.

Thank you for reading this story .

Minnesota, USA
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