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The House of 1929

Stefanie, Quebec, Canada
October 1997

When I arrived in this house, I felt something, you know the feeling of being observed. It was a sunny day, my parents and I were in the house that they had just bought. This house was old (1929), and I knew before I got a foot in this house that something or maybe someone was in there. Two of the upstairs floors were boarded up because the people who lived there were too old to get up stairs. My father looked at me and said "Stefanie can you give me a hand, we are going to remove those boards on the 2nd and 3rd floors."Yeah" I answered, but inside I was thinking ahhhhhh! DAMN!)

Months passed but the feeling of being watched stayed. I was a little bit afraid. The first time he showed himself, it was to my Aunt and me. It happened when I was alone in my house in the kitchen, I called up my Aunt Nancy and asked her if she could come over because I was alone and didn't like to be alone. Aunt Nancy said she'd come over and that she'd be there soon. I hung up the phone and waited for her. She arrived and we 10 minutes after i call her. We sat down and began to talk. The t.v was on but the sound was down really low (hockey game).Then on the 2nd floor we suddenly hear a baby cry, we knew that we were the only ones in the house and we both looked at each other and said together "Did you hear what I just heard?"

The second time I was alone again, in my room, it was past 10 .00pm, I was lying down on my bed with my arms under my pillow and I fell asleep that way. I woke up surprised by the cold temperature in my room, then I felt hands on mine. It was so crazy, something was touching me, but it was cold, soft.

The third time I was alone yet again, I was watching the movie "Wolf" and had a bowl of soup. When I had finished I just put the bowl in the kitchen sink. But the soup went into the other sink. Trying to clean them both, I didn't notice that something was behind me. Then I felt a cold sensation where I was standing, I turned around suddenly and caught a glimpse of a shadow, a human form maybe, it was dissappearing just as I turned around.

I call him Richard, he is my friend now, I talk with him sometimes, tell him my secrets. Maybe you would say that this is not a true story, but I know what I saw and what I felt. It's up to you:


Stefanie, Quebec, Canada
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