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The House of My Nightmares

Jeila, NY, USA
October 2000

"There is some macaroni and cheese in the refrigerator. Oh, and in case you need me you can call me at work. Do you know my work phone number?" "Yes mom." I replied. "And if it's a emergency, I will run over to Mrs. Femiline's." My mother smiled at me. "I guess I've told you enough times huh?" I nodded my head. Then asked, "When will Dad come home?" my mother sighed. "Probably tomorrow night" she answered. My Dad had been on a business trip in Florida for 5 days now. I had really missed him. "All right, then I better be on my way. Bye honey."

My mom leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. "Bye" I mumbled. As soon as she left, I decided to call my best friend Laurie. We are both freshmen in high school together.
After a few rings, she picked up. "Hey Laurie what's up?" I asked casually. "Fine you?" We talked for a while, until I glanced at the microwave clock. 10:26 p.m. We've been talking since 9:00! Mom would kill me for being on the phone for so long. "Uh, Laurie I got to go." "OK. Bye." I hung up. Then walked to the refrigerator. Inside, I saw the macaroni and cheese my mom was talking about. Since I couldn't remember the last time my mom made macaroni, I decided to eat something a little more?recent. I pulled out a big bowl of spaghetti, and sat down to eat. After about two bites, I heard a sound from the garage?a faint cry. I put down my fork, and walked closer towards the garage. The cry was louder now?sort of like a moan. My first thought was that a robber was inside, and I should go and call the police. But then, as I stepped closer, I heard someone cry for help. "Hhhheeeellllpppp mmmmeeee?." Then the cry grew louder, "Hhhhhheeeeeelllllppppp mmmmmeeeee." Then even louder, "Hhhhheeeeellllpppp mmmmmeeeee!" Scared to death, I ran and called the police. Waiting for them, I ran into the closet in parents' room.

From the closet, I could not hear those bloods curling cries. But the sound still remained in my mind. The moaning, and groaning. The intense sound of those desperate cries for help. I shivered in that closet. Scared of what would happen next. What the police would find. That's when it hit me. If there was a thief, or robber in the garage then why was it?crying for help? It was then, that I heard the voice again. I just couldn't get the voice out of my head! That's when I noticed that it wasn't in my head. The cries of help were coming closer and closer. I started to sweat, and shiver at the same time. I was so scared, I couldn't even move. That's when I saw it. I wasn't sure what, but it was a whitish figure, hovering in the air. The sweat poured down my face, as the shivers ran up my spine. I was so frightened I had no idea what to do. The figure floated into my parents' room, near the closet I was in. That's when I saw it a bit clearer. A floating whitish form with only faded features. My heart pounded faster and faster the closer it got. "Hhhheeeellllpppp mmmmeeeee" it moaned. Not really to me, but towards the wall. That's when it left the room.

I stayed in the closet, like a sheep that was just attacked by a wolf. I don't know exactly how long I was there, but it wasn't for long. That's when I heard pounding from somewhere. I jumped. Then waited. The pounding had stopped. That's when the door opened. I tried to scream, but my voice caught in my throat. I heard footsteps all over the house. Then "Anyone home? Miss? This is the police." "Here!" I managed to cry out, with relief. That's when the police came into my parents' room, as I opened the closet door. "Are you OK miss?" They asked. I just nodded. "I just want to call my mom." I walked over to the phone with shaky legs, and paused. When they asked what was wrong, I replied softly, "I don't have the phone number."

When they finally contacted my mom, she came home right away. When she asked what happened, I told her the whole story. She didn't believe me. No one believed me. They all told me I must have been imagining.

For the next few weeks I was waking up with nightmares about the ghost in the middle of the night. After about 4 months, we moved. My parents' couldn't take my nightmares anymore. I couldn't take the worry of that ghost anymore.

At our new house, it was much easier. I went to the same school, because it wasn't that far away. My parents' could attend their same jobs because of the short distance. And best of all, I had no more nightmares. The ghost was gone. It was not my problem anymore. But to this day, I still feel terrible for the couple who moved in the old house. The house of my nightmares.

Jeila, NY, USA
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