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The House on LeGrande Street

Renee, Florida, USA
March 2001

I know you have all these people writing in that they know they are sensitive to spirits and the paranormal but I believe everyone is, if they can just open themselves up to believing in what you can't see or touch.

I can feel spirits around me, good or bad, know sometimes when important things are going to happen before they do and so forth. But on with the story.

Here is my first big experience, when I moved into my first house after getting married. Bear with me, here goes:

Me and my husband had been married for about 6 months when I found out I was pregnant and we decided to find a house to rent (we were living in a teeny tiny one bedroom apartment at the time, which I hated) so I found one in the paper and the price was a very good deal and we went to look at it. We met the landlord there and while my husband and he were talking out the details I walked through the house. I got that uncomfortable feeling immediately when I went toward the back of the house where the bedrooms were at, and had to physically stop myself from running back to where my husband was. I should have trusted my feelings but I was in to much of a hurry to move and so we took it.

Let me explain the layout of the house for you: when you walked in the front door you are in the living-room/dining-room, over on the left is the kitchen and beside that the hallway which led to 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The first bedroom on the left was were the uneasy feelings came from the most. It was painted an awful blue with dark blue shag carpeting, the rest of the house was normal looking. We decided to make that the storage room and closed it up most of the time.

The first instance was when we made our last run from the apartment to our new home and I had my cat, ferret and bird with me. When I put my cat down and she went to search out the house she stopped in front of that one room and arched her back and started hissing and shrieking. I figured she seen a mouse or something so I closed the door and that was that, I figured. But, about a week later when me and my husband went to bed (by the way we locked up the cat and ferret at night because they went crazy at night in the house) we were just on the verge of sleep when the covers were yanked off of my side of the bed, I was probably too tired because I just remember thinking that my cat did it (forgetting she was locked up in the next room, not the bad room) so I put it back on and tucked it under my foot and told Baby (the cat) to stop playing around. But as I was drifting off to sleep again the covers were snatched off my feet again and all of a sudden I was wide awake remembering the animals were in the next bedroom! I woke up my husband and he put me off by telling me I was dreaming. Needless to say I didn't sleep well the rest of the night.

The next night when we were in bed talking like we usually do before we go to sleep I felt a hand rubbing the bottom of my foot very gently, I was not afraid this time but snatched my foot away in surprise. I did not feel threatened and when I told my husband he laughed and said "Right, it's just the cat." I told him they were locked up and he said that she must have snuck out, which when I checked they were still locked up. He did not believe me about the house until he woke up later that same night scared to death because there was a huge spider about two feet tall hanging right over his head. He said he had felt something staring at him and when he woke up there was this thing hanging in his face, he instinctively brushed at it with his hand and it faded away like smoke. He was so scared he jumped out of bed and turned the lights on and searched for it anyway.

He started to believe me that there was something different going on then.

We had the usual opening and closing of cabinets, refrigerator door and even the oven during the nights and we just learned to ignore it because we didn't feel threatened. Me and my husband figured it was a male presence since it seemed to mess with me and eventually my daughter the most, and I just sensed a male presence. Eventually, though, we questioned it when my husband's sister spent the night with us one night with one of her friends. By this time we had transformed the ugly spare room into a guest bedroom but no one wanted to go near it so they chose to sleep on the floor in the living room.

Everything went fine until in the middle of the night I woke up hearing a woman crying, I assumed it was his sister so I woke my husband up and had him check on her. He came back saying she was asleep. I assumed she was crying in her sleep and I went back to sleep. The next morning I asked her if she slept O.K. and if she she was feeling O.K. and she said she was about to ask me the same thing because her and her friend heard me crying in the middle of the night. I told her I thought it was her and needless to say she never stayed the night again.

My brother spent the night several times and unfortunately every time he experienced some scary stuff. He was 11 at the time but he still gets goose bumps when we talk about it and refuses to ever drive by the house now.

Well on to his brushes with "my ghost".

The first time he tried to play big man and said he wasn't scared so he slept in the guest room, well in the middle of the night he came in my room scared to death because something just sneezed in his ear. (By the way my content indoor cat had run away by this time and we never saw her again, but we believe she died and passed over because we and several friends who came over have seen her running around our house). We told him it was his imagination and to go back to bed, because I mean can a ghost really sneeze? So he very reluctantly went back to bed and put his earphones on and went to sleep, but kept waking up with them turned off which he swears he did not do.

The next time he slept over he slept in that room again had another night full of "fun", he woke up with a radio playing and found out the radio was unplugged and did not have batteries in it. He then was pushed and told to "get out" in a heavy whisper. He listened and slept the rest of the night on the floor in our room. After that he did not sleep in that room again when he stayed over.

By this time I was about 6 months pregnant and I just got a puppy. Well she soon started to play with the ghost, I assumed she was just playing with herself, I mean don't all puppies do that? But when I started to notice her curly tail being held up straight and her little back feet off the ground I knew she had made an invisible friend. They would play for hours ( I know this sounds insane but it is true). I was feeling O.K. in the house, I would even talk to the 'it'. I never got answered back but I knew it was there, I could feel it.

I would come home and have my nicknacks on the floor in a perfect circle or furniture moved. My bird play gym turned completely over and so forth, I would take it all in stride. It became the joke in my family about what the "ghost" has been up to lately.

When my daughter was born everything smoothed out for a while and there was not much going on until she reached about 6 months old and we were in my room (really the only room in the house that felt right) and she was in front of the door while I was folding clothes on the bed. She was laughing and such and I did not notice really what about until I took a break and was watching her and then I saw what was going on. She was closing the bedroom door all the way and then I watched the doorknob turn and the door slowly open back up to her waiting hands, she would laugh and then do it again. Our ghost was back.

My daughter would stare into space for periods of time and laugh and babble and I knew she was seeing something that I couldn't.

We lived there about a year and a half and in that time found out from our neighbours that lived across the street (a cop and his wife) that no one had lived in that house longer than a few months at a time. One day, the woman who lived there before us came and got the cop's wife when she came home and found the furniture in the living room turned upside down in the center of the room and when she backed out of the front door it closed on her and locked her out. The cops wife came over with her gun and when they got there everything was back to normal with the door standing open. Needless to say, she moved out shortly after.

When we asked the landlord about the history and if anyone has complained he said he did not know what we were talking about and insisted he knew nothing.

Well everything was peaceful as it could be until me and my husband started talking about moving out of state and thats when I started feeling angry feelings around the house. One night I woke up so frightened and not knowing why that I woke up my husband and we grabbed our daughter and left in the middle of the night to go to my parents house.

One day while I was packing and my husband was getting the outside in order I suddenly felt very uneasy and when I looked down the hallway I could see a mans shadow (6 foot at least, and wide) walking back and forth from my bedroom to the bathroom across the hall, going faster and faster and I could feel the unease in the air. I yelled at him to please stop and that he was scaring me. But, instead, the feelings got so intense that I left the house and went out back with my husband and stayed until he went in with me.

We did not have another thing happen while we were there for the last week. Before I left I said goodbye but got no response. I always wondered what happened to him, every time we came back into town (1 to 2 times a year to visit family) we drove by the house and there has never been the same people living there and it is in such a bad rundown looking shape that I hardly recognize it. Me and my sister-in-law (my brothers wife) are trying to get up the nerve to go and knock on the door one day and ask the people who live there if they have had any weird things happen to them.

I have had plenty of things happen before and after that but nothing that consistent. The only question I had was since I seen the male presence where did the female's voice crying come from....

Sorry this was so long, thank you for listening!

Renee, Florida, USA
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