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The House on the Cliff

May 2001

This story happened about 10 years ago when I was 12.

I had recently moved out of my grandmothers house to house in what is referred to as the Bottoms. I moved in with my mom, my brother, and his wife. My bedroom was just a little bigger than the bathroom, and it had one window that faced the alley and another that faced an abandoned old house next to us. The door to the attic was also in my room.

The first night that we moved in it was kind of stuffy in the room, as no one had lived there for a couple of years. The window was fairly easy to open. That night is when things started getting wierd.

I woke up to someone walking in the attic above my head. Now, the important thing to know about this is that this house was a double and you could get from side to side in the attic, however, no one lived on the other side yet. They were moving in the following week. At first I thought that it was probably animals up there, but it couldn't have been because I heard very distinctive boot thumps. It was skittery like an animal would be. Then I heard someone crying my name, and then it started moaning, like someone was in pain and bearing through it, but they were still saying my name. I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to my moms room and she came in, she didn't hear anything but she tried to get the window closed because she could tell how upset I was. It wouldn't budge. So we went and got my brother out of bed. Between four of us trying to get this window closed, it would not move. So I went to sleep with my mom and the next morning we could close it just fine.

In the two years I lived there, we could never open it again and all the noises seemed to stop when the house next door was levelled. But that didn't stop things from being rearranged in my bedroom. I was fine with that. I wasn't fine with the noises and the window. Maybe it was paranormal activity, maybe it was just a broken window. But with the noises and things always being rearranged when I came home from school, I think that I had my first and so far, only, paranormal experience in that house.

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