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The House That Haunted Me

June 2004

Paranormal experiences are common throughout my family, particularly on my mom's side. There are definitely a lot of stories and encounters my family has had with ghosts, but we'll save those for a later time. What I'd like to share with you are my stories and encounters with ghosts.

I moved into my old house when I was 11 with my family. Even the first time we went into the house, I had a bad feeling about it. Just to give you an image of what it looks like, it is a one-story, three bedroom, three bathroom house and I assume it is about 30 years old, if not older. Upon entering is the living room. Once you reach the end of the living room, if you go to your left, all of the bedrooms and two of the bathrooms are located there. If you go forward (not left or right) there is a door which opens up to the kitchen, the dining room (which is conjoined with the kitchen), the other living room, the other bathroom, and the game room. If you go to your right, there is a closet, which we never used, so the door always remained shut. All of the walls are made of wood. The floor of the house used to be wood also, but was poorly covered by carpet; underneath the carpet is still the hardwood floor.

With all the wood in the house, there wasn't much light and sound traveled a lot. The entire house had a creepy feel to it, but my room was by far the scariest. It was cold at all times, regardless the weather, and I always felt like I was being watched in there. Anyway, many weird things had happened there, but a few occurrences seem to stand out the most.

During the summer when we moved there, I always stayed at home with my sister, Keira, because my mom and dad went to work. One day Keira and I went to the bathroom to brush our teeth together as usual when I heard the door that leads to the rest of the house slam shut very loudly. It sounded as if someone had pushed it with great force. No windows were open, so it couldn't have been the wind. Scared out of our wits, we went to check out what it was, assuming it was a burglar. I opened the door, Keira close behind me, checked the ENTIRE house and found nothing. I know for a fact it wasn't a burglar because nothing was taken and it didn't look like things were messed around with, as burglars do when they're looking for something. Everything looked the same. I wasn't hearing things, as my sister heard it too.

At another time, my mom told me that while she was home alone, she fell asleep while watching TV on the couch, and woke up to find that she was elevated from the couch a couple of feet. She was in shock for several minutes, even after she was let down, but finally managed to take control of herself. She said she tried to forget about it and didn't want to tell anyone because she didn't want to scare us, but finally decided to tell us.

The encounter that definitely took the cake was around wintertime when I was around 12. I woke up at around 3:00 AM. When I opened my eyes, I saw a woman standing a few feet away from my bed. She had short black hair and I could tell she was very pale. I couldn't even see her eyes, they were just dark circles. I was horrified at the sight of her. She was just standing there staring at me, looking malevolent. After about twenty minutes of utter terror, she walked over to me. My senses finally came back to me. I got under the covers and started praying to God. I stayed under the covers until daylight and did not go back to sleep, as I still shocked from what I had seen. After thinking about it a lot, I tried to convince myself it was a dream. A few weeks later, my cousin came to stay with us. She would always ask to sleep in another room besides mine because she told me that a woman with short black hair had appeared to her.

We moved out of that house a few years later and sold it to a family who, not surprisingly, moved out of there rather quickly.

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