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The House We Couldn't Live In

Dawn Langford, MI, USA
October 2001

My husband and I and our 1 year old son moved into a house that was very much haunted in my book.

My husband had gotten a job working for the folks that had the house and land leased for farming. So we got to live in the house as long as my husband worked for them.

I was really happy about moving there. It was a nice 3 bedroom, had lots of room and a beautiful yard for our son to play in.

The first night we stayed there was very uncomfortable for my son and I. We didn't sleep good at all that night. But of course we blamed it on being in a different place. But it didn't get much easier to sleep or to stay there. Whatever was there didn't bother my husband, but it sure liked to scare the pants off me, my brother and cousin.

We had been living there for about a month when one night I had given my son a bath and was going back into the bathroom to take mine. I felt kind of funny, like something was in the room with me. I went ahead and finished my bath, got out and got dressed and started down the hall when it felt like someone was trying to grab my shoulders.I turned around to see if my husband was trying to scare me but there wasn't anyone there. You better believe I didn't stay in that hall long. I ran and jumped into the bed beside my husband. He thought I had flipped out.

This went on all the time. I never turned out the lights in the house at night until I was sure we were through in that area of the house and going to bed.

One night I was in the dinning room making a blouse for my mother. I had been sewing for about 15 minutes when I heard organ music softly playing. Shivers started going up my back. I had goose bumps everywhere on me. I decided I could do some of the sewing by hand, and got up and went to the front room to sew. I had done all I could by hand to the blouse and needed to go back in the room to use the sewing machine. So I got the nerve to go back in there, and again the music started. This time a little louder. Again I got up and left the room. I wasn't going back in there alone.

A friend of my husband came by with his girlfriend. Her brother had lived in the house before us. When they came in I asked her would she go with me into the dinning room while I finished what I had to do. While we were sitting there she went to telling me about some of the things her brothers family had witnessed while living there in the house.

One of them was the organ music playing while someone was in the dinning room. I jumped up and practically ran into the other room. She came in behind me and asked me what was wrong?. I proceeded to tell her that I had been in that dinning room several times that night and each time I heard an organ playing. Believe me I never sat in that room after dark anymore. After that things really started to get scary.

I was sleeping one night when I suddenly woke up to a the sound of a baby talking. I thought our son had gotten up and was playing with his toys. But when I looked in on my son he was in his bed asleep. In the door of our bedroom was a baby looking at me. It scared me so bad I threw the covers over my head and I guess went back to sleep.

About 2 hours later I was woken up again and this time the baby was standing next to a chair. It turned around, walked over to the couch, crawled up on it and stared out the window. It then turned and looked at me and faded away. After that experience my son and I wouldn't stay in the house after dark if my husband wasn't home from work. We would leave and go to a friends house until he got home.

There was only one key to the back door, and I always had it. The front door was always locked from the inside. So we always used the back door. We would come in at night or after work and the front door would be unlocked from the inside, but the back door would still be locked so we had to use the key to unlock it to get in. The house would never get warm in the winter time. We never used the very back bedroom as it was always so cold in there. Even in the summer, when the temperature would be 100 degrees outside, that room would be cold as a freezer.

One night we had gone to bed and had been asleep about 2 hours when I heard a noise and looked up to see a man standing in our bedroom door. This man was huge. I could see everything about him but his face. I can still tell you what color his clothes were. He wore blue jeans, a red plaid shirt, boots and he had large hands, but I couldn't make out what he looked like. When I woke up enough to really notice what I was seeing I screamed for my husband to get up. He jumped up and ask me what was wrong?. I told him there was a man in the house. He got up and looked around but there was no one there but us. All the doors were double locked like we had them before we went to bed. That is when my brother and cousin came to live with us, so my son and I wouldn't be alone when my husband had to work late. That is when the spirits as I call them started on them to.

They were both teenagers. And of course they said they would never be scared. So they decided to make their bedroom in the back bedroom. That didn't last long for them. The first night they stayed back there my brother said he kept hearing footsteps in the hallway and the room would get real cold. That was the last time he slept in that room. He got up and went and slept in the front room on one of the couches. He had left our cousin back there asleep. Well he didn't stay back there long either. When I got up the next morning both of them were in the front room on each one of the couches asleep.

I asked them both why they didn't sleep back there?. I told you already why my brother wouldn't stay back there, this is what my cousin said. He said he woken up out of a sound sleep by someone talking to him. When he woke up enough to realize what was going on, there was that same man I had seen in the doorway of my bedroom standing over him. He said he jumped and the man disappeared. He then grabbed his covers and pillow and went to the front room to sleep. Neither one of them would sleep back there anymore.

One Saturday night my husband and I went out for a while and they decided to stay there and watch movies. We took our son to a friends for her to watch while we were out. When we got back home both of them were scared out of there wits.

They told how the lights in the house started going on and off. Only one side of the house at a time would go off and come back on then the other side would do the same.They heard noises in that back bedroom. We had a friend come and check the fuse box, but he couldn't find anything wrong with it. Things never got any better. We were always hearing things and seeing things, it was just horrible to live there.

We had a dog for a while it wouldn't even go in the back room. It always stayed scared while we had it.

We had lived there about a year when my husband found another job. That is when the people who had the place told us we had to move. Well I didn't hesitate one bit. We found an apartment and moved real fast.

Today the house is empty and falling down. I don't know if what ever was haunting the house has kept people from living there or if the people who own it don't keep it up anymore. I just know I would never live there again even if they gave it to me.

I have never had any more ghost sightings or any more experiences like that, and don't want to.

I hope you enjoy reading this. I know its long, but it's true. I've always been interested in the unknown, ghosts and anything to do with them, but reading is all I ever want to do. Never again do I want to live or stay in a place where the spirits live and further more I don't want you there.

Dawn Langford, MI, USA
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