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The House Went Down, But the Spirits Didn't

Julia, PA, USA
January 2002

This is a story that my father recently related to me, about an experience his friend Randy had encountered.

Randy is the head of a construction company, and they had been hired to tear down a house way out in the middle of nowhere. They were to rebuild a new house & barn in the same area. The house that had stood there was quite old and supposedly no one had lived there for some time.

When Randy's construction team was tearing down the house, they repeatedly heard the sound of angry footsteps, storming back and forth across the upstairs floor. They called Randy to come over & check it out, but Randy was baffled when he got there. He asked the workers "why didn't you just tell whoever is up there to leave?". The workers replied "we would but there is no one up there".

Well, the footsteps continued as well as another strange occurance.

Being an old house, the stairwell had a door at each end. Every time someone would get into the stairwell, the upstairs door would slam shut. Finally, the entire staircase was torn down, but in the hollow space beneath the stairs, there was a large red stain in the wood of the floor. Randy decided to research what had happened in this house, and found that a young woman was murdered. Her body had been found, but the stain that remained on the floor was most likely her blood!

Once the new house & barn had been erected, Randy noted that each time he came to check on things, he got a really wierd feeling that something still wasn't right. They had used several beams of wood from the original house to create the barn. Randy noticed that although there were dozens of birds and cats and the like wandering near the house, not a single soul would approach the barn.

Julia, PA, USA
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