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The Hydro Majestic

November 2003

A few years ago my boyfriend at the time decided to surprise me for my birthday and take me to the Hydro Majestic in Katoomba for the evening as I had always been fascinated by the hotel.

We arrived and unpacked and got dressed for dinner. During dinner there ws a flash storm and all power to the hotel went out. We continued dinner over candlelight and were escorted to the guest lounge for drinks. The hotel is eerie enough in broad daylight but by candlelight it really is overwhelming.

After a few drinks as there was not much else to do in the dark we returned to our room to sleep. We were staying in the newer white section located on the right hand side of the Hydro which I am led to believe was built after a fire sometime in the early 20th century.

I remeber being woken from my sleep and at the time felt a strong uneasiness. I was on the right side of the bed nearest to the wall. I kept trying to fall back asleep but was unable. Everytime I turned to lay on my left hand side I was compelled to turn back onto my right. After a time I got up to make my way to the bathroom (this is how I know I wasn't dreaming) and everything seemed to happen in such a short space of time.

I climbed back into bed on my left hand side, was compelled to turn to my right and thats when I saw a ghostly figure of a woman enter the room. She appeared to be wearing a gown or robe of some sort and it was as though her hair were held up in a towel. She held my gaze the entire time as she entered through the closed door, straight past the bed and out through the right hand wall. The whole time I was unable to break the gaze of the apparition which appeared in a greenish grey with various colours around the outline like an aura. I was unable to move or speak the whole time the apparition was in the room.

The strange thing was that as the woman passed through the right hand wall the whole room seemed to be larger on that side than it really was and instead of blank wall there were cupboards that the woman appeared to move through. After this had happened I was able to fall straight asleep - something I had not been able to do all night. The next morning at breakfast I was explaining what had happened to my partner (especially the part about the room appearing different and the cupboards). He told me I was dreaming and dismissed the whole thing. As we were walking back to our room which was located at the very end of the hallway on the right hand side, we were following a cleaner. My boyfriend got the shock of his life (as did I) when the cleaner walked straight past our door into what appeared to be a false door at the end of the hallway which led into a room adjoining our room on my side of the bed and along the side of the wall in this room were the same cupboards I had described from the night before. Ever since I have tried to find any information I could (with no luck) as to the hauntings that are supposed to occur within the Hydro to see if anyone else has seen this same woman.

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