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The Image on the Stairwell

March 2005

We have just recently moved into a new house that was quite old. In that house we knew of 2 people that had died in it. One was my step dads grandfather and the other was unknown. Many paranormal things have happened there like sightings of the dead grandfather and hearing of footsteps. For me I saw the unknown figure.

One night it got very warm in my room because I had my door shut, so I decided to go downstairs and get a drink of water and cool down. In my hallway on the second floor I was coming out of my room and I thought I saw something but I wasn't sure so I just continued on my way down the stairs. About 10 minutes later I was making my way up the stairs when I saw it again.
It was a little girl that looked liked someone we saw a picture of when when we were cleaning out the house. She had blonde hair and looked to be around the age of nine. Then I looked at her face I saw that her eyes had a tint of red in them. When I looked at her arms I saw bruises that looked like hands. Then she moved her mouth like she was saying something and then disappeared.

Since then I have only told one person of that night, my cousin. She decided to come over one night after that and see if anything happened. She could have sworn she saw a glimpse of something while I was asleep and I heard footsteps while she was asleep.

Ever since then nothing like that has happened again but every now and then I think of the face while I'm in bed and I just close my eyes and think of something else.

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