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The Indian Man

August 2006

This story is actually my aunt Jill's story.
She has experienced a lot of things in her house located in San Diego, California and all have included an Indian Man.

My aunt Jill's house was built on an Indian burial ground and the realtors said it was fine. But Jill says otherwise. She says that late at night, she gets up to get a drink of water before going to bed and outside her kitchen window she sees an Indian Man walking around the backyard aimlessly, like he's lost something. He's a relatively nice spirit and doesn't do anything to my aunt or her husband and all he does is walk around the yard looking down at the floor.
One easter, the family gathered at her house to celebrate and she told everyone about what happened. No one believed her of course, and she didn't try to convince us, knowing that what she saw was in fact real.
That night, everyone decided to stay over, considering that everyone had been drinking and most of us live far away. My uncle brought all of the kids tents to sleep in because we all wanted to sleep outside. They were tiny tents, only fitting two kids, we set up 5 tents and set in for the night. Late that night, I woke up and heard drums or something like that. Thinking I was just tired, I fell back asleep. The next night, I woke up to find my sister panicking and trying to get up. Our tent had collapsed on top of us and my sister was freaking out. When we managed to get out of the tent, we found out that all the kids' tents had collapsed as well. I also found out that my cousin heard the drums too but thought it was the next door neighbor. We asked the adults if they did anything but they weren't even up. They said they did nothing and my aunt says she saw the Indian wandering around that night.
My mom believes he pushed our tents over because we wouldn't believe my aunt. But all of us thought maybe we didn't build them right but my uncle, having set them up many times before without any problems, claimed they were the sturdiest he'd built.
We've come to find that the Indian man really likes her and when she moved, she went to put flowers outside next to the wall to say goodbye, and she heard the drums and felt a calmness and grief.
To this day, We all believe in the Indian man.

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