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The Invisible Man

February 1999

When I was younger, I had the power to see things that others couldn't. I could see spirits. When I would tell my mother these things as a child, it would freak her out. During my childhood, I have had many ghostly experiences. I am telling you this one because it is the scariest.

Over summer holidays some years ago, we were visiting my Aunt who lives in Montana. We couldn't find her place, so we decided to stop at the nearest convenience store to ask for directions. My mother insisted that we shouldn't, since the convenience store appeared very run down and creepy. And another thing, it was across from a shut down jail where many people were executed. My father was in the store talking to the clerk and I remember it was very dark out so the rest of us who were inside the car were very frightened. I was looking out the window at the moon, when I saw him. I don't know where he came from. It seemed like he just appeared there out of nowhere. He was wearing a dark parka and a touque so I couldn't see his face. I wasn't scared, perhaps because I didn't understand. I turned to my mother and asked: "Mommy, how come I can see through that man?" She asked me,"What man honey?" I looked back towards him, and he turned towards me. I screamed petrified of what I just saw. I dug my face into my mother's shoulder. She asked me what was wrong and I responded to her that the man had a mouth full of teeth. Just then my dad got into the car and we drove away.

I haven't seen him since then. But I have seen other ghosts. But I'll save those stories for another time, another day.

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