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The Jealous Boyfriend

Big D, Texas, USA
October 1999

It all started when I decided to take a part time job as a bouncer, the rest of the guys there were bigger so they started making fun of me for being the smallest and the shortest out of the group. The manager saw how one day I roughed up this guy, he was tall, 6'4" at least and I'm only 5'9", he saw how I never backed down from him and how a couple of the other guys didn't want to jump in and help. But I roughed him up good. My boss pulled me to the side and told me that I can be a lot better and maybe get the respect of the other guys if I got bigger.

Next day I decided to go out and buy some exercise equipment and in a couple of weeks I started to get ripped, I was already strong as an ox but didn't have the size but I was getting there. One night as I worked out I felt as if someone was watching me, I thought it was my girlfriend at first but when I turned around there was nothing there. I felt this presence every time I worked out, nothing out of the ordinary was happening so I never mentioned to my girlfriend.

About 2 weeks after I first felt that presence I started to smell perfume and someone or something get on the bed with me after I took a shower and went to bed. I got used to it after a while that I started greeting her when it got there and saying goodnight to it before I went to sleep. It would always get on the side my girlfriend slept and since my girlfriend worked nights it was always available. After growing up in a big family I got used to closing my bedroom door, my girlfriend would always tease me about it saying that there was nothing for me to hide anymore. So one night after taking a shower and going to bed I felt it get in the bed, I joking around said "about time you got here, I was starting to feel neglected" and with that I felt as if it wrapped its arm around me the way spouses do each other. I blew it off since nothing ever happened until my door was violently open, the way someone would open a door when they're very upset. I looked up expecting to see my girlfriend at the door but there was nothing there, then the room got very cold, I could see my breath that's how cold it was. Whatever was at the door wasn't friendly, I then heard what I can only describe as 2 footsteps and then everything was quiet for about 2 seconds and that's when I felt something come down and hit me square in the chest and almost knock the wind out of me, it knocked me back into the bed and then as I was trying to catch my breath when my pillow came crashing on my face with such force that I felt as if it had broken my nose and it was holding the pillow down with so hard that I started kicking and swinging my arms hoping to hit whatever was on top of me.

After what it seemed an eternity I managed to grab hold of something, and I somehow knocked it off me but not letting go, I got off the bed and started walking towards the door when I walked right in front of my mirror. I looked up only to see myself standing in front of the mirror with a bloody nose and with my arms stretched out, but somehow you could see hand prints on my clothes as this thing was trying its best to get away, I freaked out and threw whatever I had in my arms into the mirror, I heard the mirror shatter as I got out of the room and closed the door behind me. I grabbed the key and locked the room as the thing kept on slamming itself on the door and it also had this evil-growl like laugh that sent chills through my spine. I started to walk towards the living room when the front door opened and my girlfriend walked in. Seeing the blood in my face she started to ask me if I was OK, when the door to my room broke into a million pieces, I quickly grabbed my girl, got in her car and drove out of there. We moved out next day.

Big D, Texas, USA
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