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The Jockey

Brian, NSW, Australia
January 2001

This story was told to me by my mother.

She works at a nursing home in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

For some reason a few days before the death of a resident, a man in black appears.

Early one morning while my mother was doing her shift, she was on her way to the pan room when she saw it for the first time. She said it was about 4ft tall, and was wearing a bowlers hat. He was dressed in black and had no features.The figure was sitting in a chair. My mother thought she was seeing things, and paid no attention to this. On her way back from the pan room, the figure was still there! This really freaked her out so she went downstairs and told the head nurse. The nurse told my mother that this figure was always seen a few days before someone passed away, and they had named it "The Jockey" because of it's size. She said she had no explanation as to what it was, and that some of the other workers had also seen it.

A few weeks after this, my mother was going about her normal duties when she saw this figure again. This time it was standing beside a wardrobe in one of the resident's rooms. It so happens that the room the figure appeared in, was of a lady who was sick with cancer. Surely enough, a few days after this, the lady passed away.

Over the past two years, this figure has been seen a number of times by different workers, with someone passing away after it is seen.

A friend of my mums who works there, told her one night while he was doing his shift, he saw the jockey standing at the sink washing it's hands! He stood there for a few minutes and watched it, then it disappeared.

The nursing home was built in the 1850's and it's believed to have been a hospital before this. Mum said that the second floor of the home also has some sort of entity there, and some of the nurses refuse to work up there at night.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story.

Brian, NSW, Australia
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