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The Joker

Josie, Iowa, USA
January 1998

This all began about two years ago. I was laying in bed one night, it was probably about 11:30pm or around that time. I was just dozing off when I felt something brush across my leg. This totally freaked me out! I sat straight up in bed an looked around.....nothing. The really weird part is that it felt like a human hand. I decided to try and forget it and go back to sleep. About an hour of tossing and turning, I finally fell into a deep sleep. All I can remember is getting woken up by something tugging violently at my shorts. Again I sat up and looked around.....nothing. Well, I got back to sleep.

The next day in the late afternoon, I was drawing cartoons in my bedroom, and I was getting mad because I couldn't draw it right. So I ended up ripping out the piece of paper and I threw it at my garbage. I missed hitting the trash can by a few feet. I got up to leave my room when all of a sudden I heard a loud clang. I turned around and looked at my trash can. I was shocked to see that the piece of paper was right next to the garbage!!! I've come to the conclusion that the ghost or whatever it is just wants to have some fun. My mom is getting a little annoyed by it. The ghost will take a five pound bag of sugar and move it somewhere else. Whenever I'm home alone I always hear footsteps and the cat and dog get really nervous....they start batting at the air or whining, like someone is there. One more thing is when a friend and I were in my room messing with the Ouija board. I asked if there was a ghost in my room and it went to 'yes'....then I asked if it was said 'yes' then it moved on it's own to spell out, 'I won't hurt you, I have to help you in order to get to heaven.' I was a little scared...but I just think it likes to play jokes on me and my parents. Which is ok with me. So far nothing has it helping me...but when it does, I'll be sure to let you know. Till then, I'm just gonna let my joker have its fun! :-)

Josie, Iowa, USA
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