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The Knocking (1)

Anonymous, Mexico
January 2013

This experience took place back on my childhood years, I must have been 6 or 7 years old (I’m 30 years old now), it was summer so I was home in the afternoon with my younger brother and my mother, it was near supper time so my mother had to go buy tortillas for our meal, she asked us to go with her. I had to use the restroom so I told them I had to stay, they left without me and I went into the only restroom in our home to take care of my business.

I must have been there just a couple of minutes, when my attention was drawn to the bathroom door (I just turned, don’t really know why), this was a big metal door that had painted glass on its windows and was then properly shut (I thank god for that), between the space from the bottom metal plate to the floor I could clearly see the shadow of 2 very small foot as if a little kid was standing on the outside of the bathroom door, both my mother and little brother were out, I heard them leave, no one else was on the house. So I duck to see if there was something actually there or it was just some optical illusion from the lights comming in from the windows or something, and sure enough, there were a couple of little black shoes standing very very close to the other side of the door.

Finally after seeing the shoes I gather up some valor and asked in a normal aloud voice: "Who’s there?"

The answer I got was more than I expected, no voice, just scratching on the metal door, heavy, long, deep scratching, I could hear it across the whole dimension of the lower part of the door in a cross (X) like manner. I was scared then, the scratching continued and got louder enough that I had to cover my ears, then suddenly it stopped, just for a moment, and then the worst came, the thing in the other side began hitting on the door, very strongly, I might add, it seemed as if the thing was hitting the door with both arms and legs, the bangs got really loud and I could see the lower edge of the metal plate bend from the hits it was receiving, I think that lasted just long enough for me to get totally terrified, maybe 30 seconds, and then again it stopped, this time the shadow of the feet outside the door dissappeared along.

A few minutes after the hitting stopped my mother and brother returned from the mill (that is how we called the place we shopped the tortillas, and in fact it was a mill), I waited for them to enter the house and then exited the bathroom, the door was untouched from the other side, no scratch marks, no damage to the metal plates on the places I saw bent from the inside, the door was fine on both ends. So in the end I was left confused, there was no damage to the door but I saw it bent and didn’t realize the moment it got magically fixed.

I don’t know what was standing behind the bathroom door that afternoon, like I said I thank god the door held that thing out of the bathroom (for something that looked so small the hits were extremedly hard), I never again had an experience similar to this one, but that bathroom was always a place a bit unsettling for everyone, even the visitors. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Anonymous, Mexico
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