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The Knocking (2)

June 2003

This is a story that I always liked hearing my parents talk about.

My mother was pregnant with me and it was about the year of 1966. They lived in this house on Old Route 66 in Oklahoma. At the time my uncle was living with my folks, and every night usually around the same time there was this knocking sound that started from my uncles bedroom closet. There were times he could actually feel whatever it was walking over his feet, and then it would move on to another room, and then there were times where it would start from his closet and it would go straight out his bedroom window. The weird thing was, was when it knocked on the window it was like the sound of someone knocking on a window, and then when it would walk across the floor you could tell the difference in the floor than the sound of the window, so they knew it was definitely something.

There were some that thought my folks had totally lost their mind, so they decided one night that they were going to stay over to see if they could hear it for themselves.

For some strange reason the knocking sound did not start at the usual time it usually did and people were getting tired so they all decided to start packing up and going on home, about the time they were leaving the knocking sound started. My dad said there was this one guy that got down and followed it when it started and knew that it definitely was something but he wasn't going to stick around to see what it was. He said he was going home.

My folks got so used to it that at times it didn't bother them, but it got to where it would do it in the day while my mother was home by herself.

One night it started so my Dad, being the Christian man he is, decided he wanted to ask it a question. He waited until the knocking sound started and he said "for the love of the Lord, what do you want?" My father said when he said this it was like the knocking sound stopped right in its tracks and made a scooting sound like it turned around and looked at him. Needless to say may father didn't ask it anything else.

A few months later my folks moved from the place and not long after they moved the place burnt to the ground. They found out later that there had been a bar there at one time and a man with a peg leg had been killed and thrown in the well behind the house.

There have been people known to live on the property since my folks that have had the same strange things happen to them too. I hope you find this as interesting as I did.

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