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The Lady Ghost

Julia, Kansas, USA
August 1999

My best friend Michelle's house is definitely haunted. When I first met her, her and her family told me about weird, unexplainable things that happened in their house. They said there was a lady dressed in white that often appeared. I won't talk about all of those stories, I will just share my experiences.

The first thing happened about a year ago, summer 1998. I was in their basement listening to a CD. The CD player kept on coming unplugged, so I pulled the CD player away from the wall and started messing with the back of it. There was a picture in a frame of their dog, Lady, about 6 inches away from my arm. I was trying to plug the CD player in when the picture frame slid about 2 inches backwards toward the wall. I stopped what I was doing and stared at the picture. It then slid about another 4 inches towards the wall until it was flat against the wall, like someone was holding it up against the wall. I got up and ran upstairs and told Michelle what had happened.

On the 4th of July 1999, Michelle's family and I all went to the lake for a picnic. When we were gone, no one was in their house but the dogs. When we got home, me and Michelle went to her bedroom, which is in the basement, to read magazines. We looked up and her dog Lady was in her room. This was REALLY weird because the dogs NEVER come downstairs, the closest they come is the top of the stairs. The reason why they never come downstairs is because Michelle's mom gets really mad if they do and she has taught them not to, so you can understand our surprise in seeing the dog downstairs. We tried to coax Lady upstairs, but she wouldn't follow us. Michelle's mom even started yelling at her and she still wouldn't go upstairs. We were all wondering why she was so scared, but we kinda forgot about it. Then we went upstairs and we were watching TV in the living room. Michelle's mom walked in and looked at this picture of the Virgin Mary and a cross that were hanging on the wall. She asked us if we had hung those up because when we left for the picnic they were in the hallway by the bathroom. We hadn't touched them. We asked everyone, and no one had. We kind of figured that the ghost had done it because the dog was really scared.

Her house is scary and I do believe that it is haunted. A lot of times I feel I am being watched, and I can't walk in her house alone in the dark. I can't even sleep in the dark. But I know the ghost is kind and doesn't mean any harm.

Julia, Kansas, USA
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