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The Lady in the Cemetery

Connecticut, USA
November 1998

My family and I decided to take a family vacation to Gettysburg.We arrived on a beautiful day. We decided to go to some of the historic places. It was a very hot day, it turned out to be 110C out. We were all dressed in shorts, trying to keep cool. We went into one of the museums, just to look around at all the old artifacts. We then then took a stroll outside into the Gettysburg National Cemetery. It was the middle if the day, at about 12 noon. It was still about 110 out and everyone around us was just trying to stay cool.

When we first entered the archway of the cemetery, we noticed this lady coming towards us. When I looked at her, her face was very pale, she looked to be in her mid-20s, she was very quiet and never spoke a word to us. She was wearing a long heavy dress, dating back to around the civil war. In her hand was a medium basket, which held some dead flowers. She stood there for a minute or two just looking straight ahead. It seemed she was in another world.The strange part was that it was 110 out, no one was dressed up in these sort of clothing because it would be to hot for them. Just her being there and not speaking a word, it gave me this chill down my back,and also I'm sure my family felt the same way. She finally left, and she went out the archway of the cemetery. I went to see where she had gone, but when I did she was gone! There was no way that she could of walked down the sidewalk that fast.

After the lady left, we all felt like we had just experienced something very weird. When I think about it, I really can't say why I think this happened. I don't see things like this everyday. But let me tell you,this is something I would not want to see again.

Connecticut, USA
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