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The Lady In The Fan

Christine Reiner, CA, USA
September 2001

I would like to relate to you some of the strange occurrences my daughter and I have experienced in our apartment.

My family, consisting of myself, my husband and our two daughters, live in a townhouse style apartment near Los Angeles, Ca. Our bedrooms are on the second floor, and we have lived there for 8 years. I realize my story is not very frightening, but we experienced these happenings and wanted to share them with others. Now on to the incidents....

My youngest daughter was almost 2 when we moved in and we were so happy to have this apartment. However, not long after settling in, my daughter began to point and stare at the ceiling fan in our bedroom. When I asked her what she saw, she could only say "The Lady". This made us feel uneasy, but no matter how long we stared at the fan, we could not for the life of us see a "lady" in it. We tried laying on the bed, sitting on the floor, turning the fan off and on etc.. But still we could not see her. My daughter continued to come into our room and gaze intently at the fan, many times backing out of the room warily, all the while keeping her eyes glued to the fan. This went on for about a year, and then gradually stopped.

As my daughter got older, we quizzed her on what she saw. She described an older womans face floating near the center of the fan, just looking down on her. I realize that a small child can make up stories, but this was very real to her.

The next incident happened to me 5 years ago after I had major surgery. I was home alone and I was going down the stairs (painfully), followed by my cat Zorro (who has since passed on). At the bottom I stopped to rest and witnessed my cat staring at the top of the stairs. Zorro moved his head and eyes as if watching something descend the stairs (almost like watching a ball bounce down the stairs, but there was no ball). In my weak state, I knew I was in big trouble if a burglar was on the stairs, but noone appeared. My cat had followed something, but what?

The third incident happened to my daughter, who was 8 at the time. We were downstairs in the kitchen, making her lunch one morning before school. As I bustled around, she chattered on about school when suddenly she gasped and said, "Mommy, there is a lady on the stairs and when she saw me look at her, she turned around and went back up the stairs". Needless to say I was flabbergasted. I looked and saw no one.

I have recently learned that our apartment complex was built in the 1960's and is not that old. I have asked about previous tenants which have included an elderly teacher, but she did not die there. Perhaps she is the one who is still interested in staying on this plane. Bear in mind this spirit seems to be benevolent, because it does not perform some of the usual stunts a ghost may pull: cold air spots, flickering lights etc.

My daughter has not witnessed any fan sightings recently, but she has experienced hearing her name called. When she says, "What?" there is no answer. Needless to say she does not like to be in the house alone. But, when I come home to a empty house, I have a strange feeling that I am greeted at the door. So, in a half joking way I say out loud, "I'm Home".

Sorry this got so long, but I wanted to share just a few of our stories. Thanks for reading!

Christine Reiner, CA, USA
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