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The Lady In The House

Ann Marie, TX, USA
July 2001

You may find this hard to believe or not, but I have grown up with ghosts for the past 18 years. I have seen, played with and feared them.

This story that I am about to tell you took place in a house that my aunt use to live in when she was married.

The lady that use to live there before my Aunt was very old and she was tired of moving around so she finally settled down in this house with her son, who soon after went to jail. Some months later she died of old age. This lady was very kind she loved kids just not when they ran around getting into trouble. So some of the experiences I am about to tell you of happened to me, my brother, my mom, my aunt, and her friends.

Here is my story hope you enjoy.......

We were staying at my aunts house visiting for the summer about 8 years ago. My brother and I were playing in the living room jumping around like little kids would having fun. My mother from the kitchen told us, "Stop jumping before the old lady that died here comes after you and your brother." We did not believe her so kept on playing, the bathroom door that was shut swung open then slammed shut breaking the window that was on the door. My aunt got up after hearing that noise and asked what happened. I told her, "The door just swung open by itself and closed." My mom came into the room and said, "I told you, she would come if you didn't listen." After that we sat down to watch cartoons and movies.

The same night my mom, brother, and me slept in the same bed. Around 12:00am my mom woke up to check on my cousin that was asleep in his crib. When she was about to get up she saw a tall dark figure standing over the crib watching my cousin. When my mom called to him thinking it was her brother-in-law, the bed that we were sleeping on started shaking violently. So my mom turned in our direction, held us and prayed so that it would leave us and go. After that night my mom never wanted to sleep over again so we would go and visit during the day but before night fall we would leave.

That is just one story about this house there are still many more. Let me tell you one more before I leave you.

My aunt has a friend who believe it or not has the sixth sense. One night when she was at my aunts house watching a comedy movie. She looked up toward the kitchen and saw a tall, skinny woman literally floating toward the living room. She put her hand up and told her to stop that she wasn't wanted in this room and she slowly floated back to the kitchen. When my aunt saw her she asked her what happened, she said the lady was coming to this room and her face was dark, but that she could see the ladies eyes and that they were red, her teeth were jagged, and her smile was evil. My aunt called it a night and her friend went home to calm down.

Thank you for taking time in reading my story, but I have many more to tell.

Ann Marie, TX, USA
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