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The Lady In The Mirror

NSW, Australia
October 2001

My story starts on the second night of moving into our new home.

My mother, (it was just me and my mum) had just gotten a new job, and wanted to move to a closer location, so her work was closer, not 3 hours away.

She was really happy that we were moving into a new place even though it was only a really small cottage, old and practically falling apart, but it would be a suitable home until my mum would build up her account from her new job, and get a bigger better home.

When we first arrived, it was early morning, it was dead set middle of summer, and as soon as we entered the house, the temperature had fallen, it was like a fridge and it felt as though our every move was being watched.

Being a young teen, I was very curious, and the first thing I thought was "cool, there must be a ghost in here! How old is this place?!" the first thing my mother said was "don't be stupid!" and as usual, I felt stupid, and just got the bags out of the car without saying a word (I took my mother really seriously, and always wanted to impress her).

I found my room, which was the only one left, and started to put all of my junk out and set it into the room. After unpacking everything on the same day, we retired at around 12:45.

The next morning my mother was going out to see her boyfriend, she never wanted me to see her with another man apart from my natural father because she felt shame, so I was left behind to have a "Break" and to settle in.

I opened to door to let my mother out, and the heat rushed in, which felt pretty strange because the house was really cool, my mother noticed this as well and said "must be the insulation" She quickly left. The sooner the better I thought.

I sat down, and tried to fix the TV, but it needed an antenna, so I gave up feeling a little uneasy and chilly which made me go to the bathroom. The bathroom had a shower a bathtub, a toilet and a sink all crammed into one. The sink was right in front of me with a tall mirror towering above it. All of a sudden I looked into the mirror and saw a face looking down at me. I went white and could not move, I was so scared. I still remember what she looked like, she had long brown hair, white white skin, big green eyes, a small mole on her cheek, old earrings and was dressed really old fasionly, she was really pretty. We stared at each other for around one minute. It felt like an eternity. Then the room was warm, and she was gone.

After 10 minutes of waiting in the bathroom, I finally got the nerve to go into my room, take the covers off my bed and put a blanket over the mirror.

I spent the rest of the day outside in what was left of the back yard, and stayed there until 5:00pm.Then I heard my mothers car pull into the driveway and went rushing towards her, I remember saying "Mum, theres a woman, she was in the bathroom mirror staring at me! A Ghost!" She got out of the car, and said "what are you talking about, your always looking for those silly things, grow up."

I felt so angry that she didn't believe me, that I ran into my room and fell asleep, until I was woken up by a laughter, music, and the smell of strong coffee. I got up and turned my light on to see a note by my door, it was from my mother, it said "I'll be back in ten minutes, I've gone to buy dinner." I was too asleep to realise that there was a party going on in the house, while my mother was out. Then it hit me, I started to panic, and slowly opened the door, the smell got stronger, the music got stronger and the laughter got louder. I was so scared, but thought maybe, just maybe, my father was over? So I walked into the dinning room, and saw 2 women, and 3 men sitting and chatting, I didn't know who they were, they were dressed really old fashioned, and the woman I saw in the mirror was there. I was so scared that I fainted on the spot.

My mother told me she found me there on the floor, and the house smelt like coffee. After that, my mother started believing me, and dint leave me in the house alone. After 2 months nothing had happened, I was feeling more confident. Until I visited the bathroom and looked into the mirror, then all of a sudden the lady appeared again. I felt sick to the bone. She just stared at me, as if she were laughing at me and my cowardness. She stood there, giving me an evil grin, her eyes this time were all black. The room grew cold, and I couldn't move again. This time she said something to me. I'm not sure what it was, but it sounded French. She spoke in a really deep voice, deeper then a mans voice, it was like in slow motion, it was terrible. She was grinning nastily while saying it. Then she disappeared.

I went running to my mother and told her what happened, the bathroom was still cold, she walked in and said she saw a lady in the mirror as well. That night we stared packing and went to a hotel. Then within a week of staying at the hotel we found a new place, and thats were I am today, and thank god there is nothing like that here, and I hope I will never go through that again.

Now that old place from what I hear is being torn down. I hope that a new house isn't built over it.

NSW, Australia
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