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The Lady in White

Anonymous, Japan
October 2016

In a dark windy night, we were driving, heading to the city. We drove not too fast since it was night time. We chatted for minutes, until my friend pointed at the front window and said, he could see a person hitch hiking right beside the road. It seemed to be a lady, dressed in a white dress. We joked that she might be one of the hitch hiker ghosts out there.

We stopped anyway and asked her if she need a ride. The lady nodded and rode on the back seat, we felt a breeze and thought that she must be out there hitch hiking for along period. My friend turned around and ask if she was cold, the lady remained silent, and her long hair covered her face, we saw no emotion from her, we thought it was because of her hair.

My friend looked at the back mirror and found that the lady seemed wounded. My friend asked her if she need to go to a hospital. The lady nodded lightly, and we decided to head to the nearest town hospital.

Suddenly the car shook hard like if it became alive, the engine stalled when the shakings stopped. We tried to see if the lady was alright at the back seat, but she was gone by the time we turned around.

We called the JAF to fix whatever the problem of the car was. The JAF workers came and told us, the car was fine. We restarted the car and headed back to the road to the city. We check again the surroundings just incase the lady was still around, but we found no one but a long deserted road.

The engine stalled again before we went back to the road where we were heading. We saw the lady in white waving at the same spot emotionlessly. My friend pointed out that the lady seemed a little blurry, while I thought she looked kind of like a hologram. We tried driving back to the same spot where we picked her but the engine did not start, we tried to call the JAF again but both our mobile phones were drained.

We felt a breeze just like before when the lady rode into the car. The car started to shake again, so hard that we could not even open the doors to exit the car. My friend nearly passed out, I tried my best to keep him awake so that I would not be the only one experiencing the event. My friend tried to turn on his mobile phone but it was dead, low in battery. I tried to stable myself so that I will be able to open the door. The car stopped shaking and the engine re-started. Both our phones worked again as if they had been re-charged.

I asked my friend where that lady was, just in case he was looking out the window. He told me she was at the spot where we saw her right before the moment the car started shaking. We checked the back seat again for any trace, but all we found was just some old dust and dirt. We drove to the nearest gas station. The staff came to us and asked if we need to wipe our windows, I nodded and asked him to full fill the tank as well. We went out to have some fresh air, my friend shrieked and pointed at the car. I turned around and found that it was covered in dirt and had brownish hand prints all over.

The car was cleaned by the staff, clean enough that it sparkled. But from my eyes, I could still see one hand print at the back window, I told the staff wipe the back window again. When he finished, that hand print was still there, then the staff pointed out that the hand print was actually printed from inside the car. We quickly ran, away from the car and asked the staff to clean the inside as well. We asked the elder staff of the gas station that if he had heard of any hitchhiker accidents and told him about the lady in white.

He told us that he is not sure about any ghost stories or rumors, but he do know that there was a girl, whom got hit by a speeding car just right beside the road to the city. She was found lying beside the road dressed in white and wounded. We quickly know that what we saw might be this girl's spirit and the events that we experienced was the girl trying to tell us that she actually existed. We drove back to the spot where we had picked up the lady in white the next morning and offered her some white lily.

Anonymous, Japan
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