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The Lady With the Backwards Feet

Alveena, Connecticut, USA
August 2002

Tis is a story that I heard from my cousins.

Apparently this started in Pakistan

One morning a little boy was playing Cricket with his friends. He was a good player...and usually hit the ball farther than he was supposed to. They were all playing by the graveyard, and the ball went right in to it. His friends all said that he had to go get it.

When he got into the graveyard...he picked up the ball and he saw a lady who was eating something (supposedly some-one). He couldn't help but stare at her. When he caught site of her feet, they were backwards. He remembered his father saying that if any person's feet are backwards it means that they are evil witches. After a little while...the lady saw him, looked up at him, and slowly smiled. The little boy ran away immediately. He was tired, and he wanted to go home. The next day he got sick, and a month later he died of the sickness.

I haven't seen it anywhere on the site... I only heard it from my sister and cousins.

Alveena, Connecticut, USA
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