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The Lake and The Man

Bernadette Thyse
June 1998

Ithink that the best ghost stories are the ones that occur and no one realized what it was until after. This way it is less frightening. I think that most ghost stories are portrayed as scarry when many are not. The event that I am about to tell you about occurred to a very good friend of mine about four years ago.

She fondly remembers a summer camp that she used to go to that was for single parents and their children. She always tells me about the fun that they would have in this beautiful area of New Hampshire. Right by the camp there was a crystal clear lake and a small island in the middle of the lake. Sometimes they would swim out to the island from the natural stone pier. One night a group of the campers where sitting on that pier looking out at the millions of stars and beautiful lake. They were talking like teenagers do when one boy noticed a faint light on the small island. It looked as if it where a hand held railroad lamp. It moved about the island for about fifteen minutes and then stopped as it reached the shore. All of the teenagers where watching intently because it was uncommon for people to be out on the lake at 1:30 in the morning. The light seemed to have reached a boat and the boat was coming towards the shore. It was slightly foggy on the surface of the water, so the kids could not make out who was in the boat. By this time, the kids were more curious to whom the "mystery boat man" was than they were scared. As the boat came closer, it stopped slightly out of viewing distance of the teenagers. "Carol", one of the girls, called out to the figure in the boat. "Hello? Can we help you?" He answered back."Yes, do you know how to get to the docks? I seem to be lost." The teenagers remained silent and let Carol answer. She told him what he needed to know and then asked her what her name was. She told him and he said, "My name is Bob. Thank you for your help. You are very kind. Anything you need ever, I'll help." And with a quick good-bye, he was off. As the boat and the light slowly made it's way out into the lake, he seemed to disappear into the fog. The kids thought nothing more that the illusion of the fog and the lack of enough light. They they went back to their cabins for the night.

The next day all of the teenagers where sitting around talking once again and "Jake" one of the boys sat up violently. "Bob!! Oh My God!! Bob!!" His face was white and he was shaking. Jake continued to explain how Bob was the caretaker of the camp the past year. He was always a kind man that would fix any problem that a camper would have with the cabins or anything. Carol had known him the best. Jake had just recently heard that Bob had died of a heart attack a month before the teenagers had come to the camp. His wife had scattered the ashes on the lake, starting from his favorite spot, the island.

Bernadette Thyse
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