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The Light Keeper

March 2003

Hi, the following happens to be a story which I find to be breathtaking, its not too long, but very real. This story happened at my grandmother's house and was witnessed by other people in my family.

This was around 1972 and my grandma was sleeping in her room when she slowly woke up to the glare given off by a very bright light, as she slowly opened her eyes she could see the outline of a man but could not make out his face she could only see that he was wearing a suit that was covered with plaid squares and black pants. He was holding a candle which was the source of the brightness. My aunt was about 11 and was sleeping next to my grandma who also saw this phenomenon.

After a while they went to sleep. This happened for a couple of nights until he disappeared.

Just 5 months ago, my grandma took a nap in her room and when my aunt came to wake her up she found her bed surrounded by floating black candles, she was stunned. After about 20 seconds, she saw the light keeper as they called him, but his head was surrounded by darkness, she heard him say "Take care of her, or else I will"!

That was the last they saw of that evil character who made them feel chilled to the bone.

After a while the candles disappeared and my grandma woke up in a cold sweat.

Thanks for reading

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